Vehicle: Renault Megane CC


Hello all.
this is my first WIP & post on this forum
modeling “nurbs” in Rhino3d v3
C&C welcome





woow man… that looks really great… you really got the flow of the car right!


good start!


I like this modell!
Very clean!

Keep it up!


oh shit that car is hot, this is the first time i seen it. sucks they dont sell those here… nice model though cant wait to see what becomes of this :thumbsup:


wonderful amazing good job!

bzyku rocks :buttrock:


woow good work man… perfect :slight_smile:
keep it goin


it’s more realistic than the real car :wink:
good job Bzyku :thumbsup:

P.S. can’t wait for the interior :slight_smile:


thanks for comments :).
Small update - handle

and wire


Wow man, great work, keep updating:thumbsup:


Amazing work man, i really like the details

keep going :slight_smile:


my test body with color.
The final color will be silver


update with new diffuse color :).


Looking good so far! :thumbsup: Keep on updating!

Greetings, neu


The body looks great and very clean. I often saw very good looking cars modeled in Rhino. The NURBS tools must be very good! :thumbsup:




mate its amazing :slight_smile: i LOVE ur last car material, which renderer is it? if it is could u past me here some settings? :)) anyways u r doin good, nice clean model, keep it on man :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


the rear lights look very good, the front still need a work


TNX guys

staniol->I use for rendering max6 + Vray material blend by shellac between a red material with sharp reflecions and a red material with glossy reflection. for lightning only white skylight.

Guybrush-> I know.

update with rimms


WOW! Very realistic material! :bounce: The modelling is great too! :thumbsup: