Vehicle: Post your Aircraft


Hello! :wavey:

After the mighty-succesful and highly enjoyable “Post your Car” post, I decided to make a similar post for aircraft models. So go ahead, and post your latest aircraft model! :slight_smile:

Here’s my latest work:

It’s the Focke-Wulf Triebfluegeljaeger, a hybrid between a ramjet fighter and a helicopter. The wings rotate around the sigar shaped body. It’s portrayed just after vertical take-off from a snow-covered forest.

Alright, I showed you mine now show me yours!


Well … This is Beechcraft K - 200 (military version - spy craft with cameras attached ) from commercial project from my job that we already finished …


Aircraft ? Well, it’s got wings so, guess that counts :slight_smile:


It goes mach 5 and uses a scram jet engin which compresses the the air in to an igniteagle mixture then uses that to reach mach 5 5 times the speed of sound it would likely be the first jet to touch space and transport pasagers at that speed. so far NASA has made three and each has made 1 test flight.


its top frotn right side and iso views


If that’s a little slow try this one…

Well here’s something I did a while ago, thought I’d post, I can’t remember what I have and haven’t posted anymore :wink:

I have quite a few animations of it flying around, have to dig
them up though, again, can’t remember if I ever posted
the stuff.



Here’s mine - a sort of a cartoonish one - made with Cinema4DXL…


Originally posted by DaveWilson
… post, I can’t remember what I have and haven’t posted anymore :wink:

I have quite a few animations of it flying around, have to dig
them up though, again, can’t remember if I ever posted
the stuff.

-Dave. [/B]

OMG! That’s beatifull, but then again… all your work is beatifull.
:buttrock: :buttrock: :love:

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Nice work guys! :thumbsup: Keep it coming!

Peoples, nice render! I love the lighting and reflections! Just the shadowmaps need some more defenition to prevent the wheels from appearing as if they’re floating. I had the same problem with this render of above model (with new textures):

Darkening the shadows might help too. Does Cinema have a GI renderer?

Dave, I love your work. The F-16 is very nice, just the bumpmap is bothering me. I’ve worked on F-16’s myself, and the surface of the aircraft - with the bumpmap - doesnt look realistic. Also the ‘grooves’ on the wings aren’t there at all. The F-16 surface - though not entirely smooth - does not have any ‘grooves’. Panels fit well in general. A thing that should be added though is the big screws that are present in all detachable panels. Often they’re not in the same colour as the panel (either lighter, darker or unpainted) and show up pretty clearly, due to their size.
I’d say, remove the bumpmap altogether and put the map in the specular level channel instead.
Check out this close-up shot of an actual F-16:
Other than that, great work! :slight_smile: I’m just being picky now, hehe :wink:

Keep it coming guys!


I hope it counts, has no wings, but a big turbine

I hope, it’s not inpolite or forbidden to post WiPs :shrug:

and sorry I don’t have any environment or textures :[


Well this can be considered a bit WIP too, since the rendering turned out a bit bad… if your brightness is high, you’ll notice the black borders in the dark areas. Weird side effect of Depth of Field- effect, need to come around that somehow…

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Nice moody lighting on that F-18!
Just do NOT use any depth-of-field, as it doesn’t make any sense at all here. Use it only on macro photograph alike renders.

As about posting WIPs… it’s perfectly fine with me although i don’t make the rules here :slight_smile:
In fact, ALL my works are WIPs… a 3D model is NEVER finished imo :slight_smile:


hey lonelobo, you a fan of anton furst i take it?


I didn’t have anything with batman in mind when I modeled this thing :[

I just made a concept, and the only things I knew wwere that it wouldn’t have any wheels, It’s powered by a gigantic turbine and a cockpit which sits at the back of it

But It’s true, it looks a bit like the batmobile :smiley:


well I’m not about to let a good aircraft thread die. I only have new pics at home so I’ll replace this one when I get home tonight. the tail section has since ben textured and a couple other things cleaned up.

I’ve also got a chopper that I’ll post when I get back

edit – took these out and added the newer ones at the end post



Hello Arai, I was hoping you’d post your Typhoon here! Superb model, I like it a lot. Bit too glossy maybe though (the reflections). The detail and textures are fab! Looking forward to see your helo! :slight_smile:


Nice work there with the Typhoon. Great texturing, really makes the model look real.


Here’s mine:



oh well,

i love that jet…and the overall scene dave :thumbsup:

here is a helicopter i modeled.
This is a frame from my latest car chase animation, i will put that up soon!..


wow that chase scene looks incredible. can what to see the animation:D :xtreme: