Vehicle/portal: Stargate from SG Atlantis


Hello everyone,

The ‘rings’ of the gate have been textured (obviously:rolleyes: ) with a bump and specular map, which may be a little hard to see because the view i have given is a tad to far from the object. I have not finished texturing the locks yet. C & C welcome!

Please note that I am still a beginner, but I would like honest critique. Insult it if you have to!

I have included my reference as well. The glyphs on the gate are all hand-drawn with a Wacom.


This is an ok representation of the gate, but I don’t think you should do the detail work with just a bump map and spec map. From what it looks like, you are using a medium res shot for reference, and it doesn’t look right on your model.

Is this for a game? Because if you are limited to polygon count, then that’s a different story.

Here is what my suggestion to you would be.

Keep the locks. They look great. Keep the shape of the ring. Use your texture as a reference, and start modeling the different areas where the symbols are. Don’t model the symbols on the ring though. That would be easier to model seperate, and placed on later. Not unless the symbols are depressed into the gate, I can’t remember. If they are, then you will probably have to model them on the ring.

I would look for a closer view of the stargate as a reference to model from too.

Here is a webpage of a guy who modeled the stargate too. He’s got some detail shots that might interest you.


thanks alot chad,

This is not for game, I am just a beginner, so I’m not really ready to delve into high-poly models yet. The pictures you suggested are very useful, but are unfortunately of a different stargate. (Even though it looks the same!) The styles of symbols are a little different in SG Atlantis.

I think I’ll follow you’re advice about the model. I should re-do the rings. I was pretty satisfied with the locks.

I will post updates as they are completed, look forward to hearing your thoughts!


Just thought I’d post an untextured version of the gate. I think the way I textured it hid some of the detail in the model. You can see some things a little better without the textures on I think.


nice mesh, you can apply a more detailed texture though to look better imho.

good luck


You’re missing one chevron… the gate has 9.


I don’t think I’m missing a chevron, I was unsure so I checked my reference. I can’t find a picture that shows the bottom of one of the gates, but it seems unlikely to me that there would be two uncentered chevrons, rather than one in the center at the bottom. But the bottom won’t be visible, because I plan to finish the scene and put ramps and the like.


The gate definatly has 9 chevrons, I have attached a pic from the DVD boxed set.


There are nine chevrons on the gate, spaced forty degrees apart. In addition to Velk’s pic, the number and placement can be seen in the control-room graphics in the SGC, or in the shots of the gate in space on <i>Stargate: Atlantis</i>.

Nice start, though!


Thanks guys,

I am restarting the ring modelling from scratch, and I have to correct some things on the chevrons, then I am going to retexture it. Thanks from your correction :thumbsup:


Ok, here is an update!

I restarted from scratch, and have now come up with what I think is a much better representation of the gate. I does indeed have 9 chevrons, which has been corrected in this new model. Also, my original gate was a little squished, and the ring with the glyphs was a little weird-looking. C & C welcome.

:thumbsup: to all those who’ve helped me out so far!



I’ve begun texturing my new model. I started with the glyph ring. I put a cellular overlay on top of the metal/rocky texture. I will put the bump and specular maps on after I find a way to get the glyphs on the gate. I am thinking of finding a font with all 39 glyphs in it, but the odds of there being one are slim. If anyone knows a different way of putting glyphs on the gate (short of hand-drawing), please let me know. C & C welcome.


HUGE improvement. For your glyphs… follow Chad’s advice. Just model them seperately then place them onto the ring later. It’ll take some time, but it will look noticeably better than a bump map. Keep up the good work.


Yes it looks really, really cool now :smiley:


Much better looking, I like where you are going with this a lot. I did notice that the title is “Stargate from SG Atlantis” However this looks more like the old stragate from SG-1 than from Atlantis. If you are modeling the one from the original series than you are right on track - but if you are doing the one from Atlantis than you should recheck your references cause the new one is all digital like.

Keep up the good work!


AgentPrometheus is “technically” correct in calling this the Stargate from Stargate Atlantis, but Velk raised a point I was going to.

This Stargate with his reference image was in the opening episode, before they went through, being the Stargate on Earth… technically since it was in the series he can call it the Atlantis Stargate, but like Velk said, the actual Atlantis gate we see in each episode is a bit snazzier than the old-school SG-1 gate.

So, while this is a gate from Stargate Atlantis, it’s not the Atlantis gate. Sorry to be picky :slight_smile:


Ah, RichieH, after posting I figured someone would correct me…


True. Actually, if you’re doing the new, snazzier Stargate in the Atlantis galaxy, don’t even bother modeling the glyphs; they’d be more accurate as decals (use alpha-channels so that only the glyphs themselves show up on the decal, pump up the ambient value and add some glow).

The glyph ring also has a different number of spaces in each version; the original Stargate had 39 glyphs on it, but the new one has only 36 (since the glyph ring doesn’t turn in the new one, they needed to make the spaces line up with the chevrons).


I decided to make my stargate when I had just seen a small section of the first episode, (i watch it with mn on demand), plus strangely enough, this is the only picture I could find of any stargate on the SG: Atlantis website. Thanks for you input. Do not worry, there will be more updates. I am a little distracted, because I’m trying to get MB-Design into shape!


Update on texturing. Changed the way the cellular pattern was handled on the glyph ring, and texturing the trim between it and the innermost ring of the gate.