[vehicle] Porsche GT3 ... another one



Hi guys… After my really nice vacation in Egypt I really had the urge to make this car… Not in Nurbs, but with Subdivs…

I post it here so I might finish it… Most of the times cars start to bore me, but this sucker fascinates me more than other sportscars, such as the Aston Martin AMV8 which I have a thread about here too somewhere hehe

Here is some of my progress!

Critics of any (non) topic related stuff appreciated ! :slight_smile:


Nice start man, clean looking mesh :slight_smile:

Keep working


progressing step-by-step



This is great stuff man. Keep it going.



Looking great even at this early state! Keep it up, I really want this to be done, love these Porsche ®© cars :slight_smile:


thanx for the rep’s. Here is an update:


Looking good, Nice clean mesh, Modelled very quick too.


back again with some small updates…


I totally re-did it!!


Here is the rim… Not completely finished, but it’s getting there…


back with some updates!

Can you guys give me some pointers on how to make this sucker more ‘realistic’… Is the basic shape alright? … maybe I stared at it too much…


First of all, the mirrors are totally wrong, and there is something to the back of the car thats not right. Further the front spoiler is too round, and the sideskirts are too narrow.


Thanx maight! finally some pointers to focus on…! It’s back to the modeling-part for me!


hmm I don’t think my side-skirt is that off… you can get them in many variations just like the one I modelled… :shrug:

Check… here is another shaped side-skirt


The GT3 pic I looked at is a 04 model GT3. Maybe thats the problem. But you should add some more sharp edges to the front, as you see on the one you uploaded.

Offtopic: Leuk om nederlanders hier te zien :wink:


I love those big shiny rim’s on cars so I made on for my Porsche!.. Is it any good?


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