Vehicle: Peugeot concept.


Hi my work in progress for the up and coming Peugeot design competition.

C&C greatly appreciated.

Modeled with Blender 2.34a, rendered using Max3+5 default scanline renderer. WIP renders from Blender’s internal scanline renderer.

Please click here for earlier work in progress, page 1.

Please click here for earlier work in progress, page 2.

Please click here for larger res versions of attached renders.




Any chance of some feedback please?




well, the model looks interesting.

In my opinion, the reflection on carpaint is too high, and maybe youll put some details on some edges. i like very much the headlights, but, the ground is preety bad, and the shadows on the ground are not too good. Im shore you`ll make some improvements :smiley:
Aniway, cool concept.


I think the car looks really good. The shapes are really nice!

keep it up man!


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