Vehicle : Peugeot 206 WRC


Finally, after putting a lot of my rare spare time in this project I will have to call it finished though I never think a model is done, there is always something to improve.

This model was made in 3d Max 5.1 and rendered with Brazil R/S 1.0.3, there are almost 366.000 polies in this model.
All materials are brazil materials.

The inside and outside of this model are fully done and worked out in detail.

I might tweak the renderings a little more. There has been no post processing done other then slappin some text on the images.

Off course a wire for you guys

And a slightly better render wiht HDRi lighting.

I am open for suggestions and criticism, this is my third car after a fiat 500 tutorial and a nissan skyline

PS My apologies for the sizes but I couldnt resize them on here and I dont have the webspace to also host a thumbnail


nice model,

an environment would be nice too, and some dirt

there seems to be a tiled texture in the gray area surrounding your model

it would be nicer if you’d fix it


Nice model, work on the wheels, maybe a bit bigger? Some other rims? And a little change in the texture? The wheels make the car, good work though!


Great work, though I think the refraction levels for the windows are not right. It is distorting the interior too much.


I thought the same and played around with the IOR values and looked them up on different sites.
The IOR of glass is between 1.5 and 1.6 depending on the purity of the glass. I made it 1.55 to have medium glass.
And I think the IOR combined with the shape of hte window gives this weird look and I have no clue how to fix it really. I tried every IOR between 0.1 and 2.5 and no luck.


cannot see anything :frowning:


Very limited shared webspace. I had to give my space up again :frowning:


Oh, … that`s a pitty, … can you send it to me on ?



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