Vehicle: Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R


Yeah I know every man and his dog has made this model, but I wanted this car as a base for an animation I have planned.

A couple of hours so far. Any critiques on this would be good, because all I have to go on is photos. :slight_smile:


You may want to clean some of your topology bud, seems like you’ve got some bubbling around the rear wheel and front fender. Don’t know if this is a temp thing, but your door seems to be hanging there not connected to the window.


I got bored doing the interior and played withsome materials. :slight_smile: Still a few mesh errors, especially on the front. :slight_smile:

Rlemoine, do you still notice the problem?


Yes looking better, I like the color and seats alot. As for the buldges. . .no I cannot see them now but if you do an animation you maybe able to see them as the reflections will tell the world all of your mistakes. Few friendly suggests, make your ground plain a darker color possibly a street texture or something with less luminance. Seems a bit blown out of you know what I mean. If your using HDRi which I think you are, try using as high a resolution HDRi as you can will help catch the fine details in the model and look a bit more realistic. Your windows look completely see through. Maybe give them some thickness will give it a better sense of depth. Let’s start with that and see where we go. Hope I don’t sound anal, but I think you’ve got good work and just needs minor tweaks.


Thanks for the comments, in that picture I did have the skylight up fairly bright, (well 1.3) so that accounts for the blown out look. Because I hadn’t installed solidify yet, I just hid the windows so they didn’t look wrong. I will have a look around for some more highly detailed hdri images to better show the reflections. Thanks for the repsonse, I really appreciate it.


I still don’t know how I will make the indented “Skyline” text on the car under the boot. :shrug:


A few more details on the front spoiler done. :slight_smile:


it proves to weld the two parts of the car to avoid that the union is seen


Some more details on the back, ignore the seams down the middle. :slight_smile:


Looking better, but let’s try to give that ground plain a different color shall we?

Maybe some cobble-stones maybe or just a darker color!


A little detail on the wheels, brakes still to be done and I have to play with the mapping on the tire. :slight_smile:


great model, but all R34 skylines are right hand drive, lust a thought, the silver front view as very cool. SUB-D?



I have changed it to be right hand drive now. :slight_smile: Its made with SUB-D.


hmmm, i think the tire is a little odd, change materials


great work so far on the model. its quite smoothly done:)

there is one thing about it that i can critique though, and its the edges i’ve highlighted in this pic

if you sharpen up those edges a bit more, it will make your model look much more convincing. here’s a photo that shows my point pretty well.

good luck on finishing it up:thumbsup:


I see what you mean racer_f50, I though about it, but didn’t want to make too strong, so I added another line of polygons down the middle, I think it looks a bit sharper now. :slight_smile:


Nice piece of work! :thumbsup:



Stock version finished.

Started on the street version


awesome stuff!!! :buttrock:


whoa whats the poly count for something like this?