Vehicle: Nissan 300ZX TT


Started modelling this car (it’s my first car) about 2 months ago and have just completed the exterior so i figured i get some critique on it.

Full size:

Full size:

Full size:

Full size:

What i think i need to fix:
The wheels and brakediscs need a better material
Reflectionsproblems on the rear windshield and on the hood
A nice environment
Add a basic interior

What do you guys think i need to improve?

Some information:
Software: 3ds max 6
Rendering: Scanline only
Rendertime: About 4 min
Total amout of polygons: Around 1 million

(I also want to state that i haven’t followed any tutorial (like the 300ZX tutorial here on cgtalk) the whole car is my own modelling/texturing)


a real good job, i don’t need to crit because you know what u need to do :slight_smile: Well the only thing u need to fix is above the headlights, because you can see behind them.


u should also re-work the shader of rear lights


Very nice work so far. The model looks really clean. Can we see some wireframes?

The only potential nitpicks I noticed may just be rendering glitches or my eyes playing tricks on me.

  1. The front logo looks like it’s positioned slightly off-center, slightly to the right. Again, this could be my eyes tweaking.
  2. The reflections on the silver paint material look rough around the edges. You’ll probably be tweaking materials when you add your environment before the final renders, but adding AA to the current renders would probably nix that aliasing.


Yes the logo is probably slightly off-center and the renders were not supersampled to save rendering time, i will work more on the car paint material when doing the final renders.
Thanks for the crits!


By the way, here is a link to a huge picture of the real car if anyone need a good reference picture to criticize my renders.


Exemplary work! The lighting in your headlights and signal lights is incredible in that large render.

-The rims seem a little to dull… you need to work on the shader a little.
-I think the tires should have brand names bumped into the sides of them. I don’t like them looking so smooth (just a personal preference).
-The spoiler looks like it’s superimposed onto the car or something. I don’t know for sure whats going on back there, but I think the shadows need some fixing.
-The paint looks really good, but there is something slightly off about it. I think it may need to have a little more contrast between the lights and the darks. I’m not sure how you would do this, because I don’t know what the settings are on the shader… turn down the ambient, or use a falloff map maybe?
-There’s a funny looking curve near the bottom and to the outside of the right (far) headlight. It looks a little sharp to me, but I don’t have a photoreference to go by.
-For that particular background I think the shadow needs to come towards the viewer a little instead of being straight under the car.

Keep up the good work!


Hmm are you commenting the renders of the car in my first post or are you commenting the photograph of the real car i posted above? =)


I find it interesting at times like these, you need to step back and wonder exactly what does a “photo-real” render look like??? A bit comical, by no fault of his own, but that list of crits on what I am assuming to be the “real” photo just proves the point…

Nice work on the car!! I don’t comment much but that just struck me as quite interesting… :slight_smile:


Looks great! and like u have stated already it will look even better when u add a nice enviro and tweak the materials. Good work


Small update, have tweaked the render and some materials. Still got to fix the tires and add an interior.

Crits are welcome as always =)


Nice update, the materials look alot better.


I agree that the materials are progressing quite nicely. I don’t know if you’ve tweaked materials alone, or also the camera and lighting, but the new depth to the taillight textures and increased contrast on the text look sharp.


Yeah the first pictures it looked like the panels were buckeled, was that just materials? Update is a real improvement!

Looking great!


:blush: Punch me in the face! I guess that just shows how good you are…

Anyways, your car is looking better. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the crits everyone, they are appreciated.

mturner1030: You are right, both the camera and the lighting has been reworked in the last render, using a set of omnis to light the car and shadowmapped shadows to highten contrast and add realism.

Kanga: I think it was the shadows and the carpaint material that made it look that way, the mesh is not buckeled in that area.

Texamosix: Hey its an honest mistake, i have been known to comment referencepictures myself. =)


Fixed the problems with the wheels and remade the brake disks and optimized them a little. Still a bit too much aliasing on the render and i have the interior left to make. But i am getting there…
Tried red paint this time.



I agree with your comment about aliasing in the render. The top and bottom edges of the door panel are probably the most distracting.

Those disc brakes look cool. Don’t remember seeing those before, although the red calipers certainly make them stand out now.

I think the red paint looks good as well, although I’m not quite as fond of it in the context of the environment / backdrop. The whole composition comes off a bit monochromatic, IMO.

Can’t wait to see some interior shots.


Interior is on the way, but i am in the process of upgrading to 2 gigs of ram to be able to render everything.
The background on the last render was more of a composition-test.


Awesome Job!!! I used to drive a black one just like that. I miss it:(