Vehicle - Muddy Jeep Liberty


Ok, well its not muddy at the moment, but it will be once i’ve textured it!

heres some renders and wires, i’m gonna move on to unwrapping next, so i could do with some crits on the modelling.

also when i come to texture the jeep how can i have one clean texture for the body and then layer some mud splatters over the top, i’m using max5 so if anyone has any ideas or links to tutorials then that would be a big help.

thanks, enjoy :bounce:

latest pics below


hey I really like the whole whole model, looks accurate, good, the only thing I see is that you could save some geometry in some areas, I thing in the rins for example, and in the spare wheel, I might be wrong really its just my idea, I wish I could model like that. Good anyway !!


good modeling
it looks accurate enough

do a good job with the texuring


cheers guys,

does anybody have any idea how i could do the texturing, i want to create a nice body texture with reflection and then have lots of nicy non-shiny mud over the top, any ideas?


i think that will help you a bit.
it explains reflection maps, and some other texture things that might help you get the result you want.
for great car decals and mud/dirt images you can buy the new 3dtotal texture cd, but ofcourse you can slo make them yourself or use photo’s.


thanks blaize, it could be quite helpfull, i need some way of controling the reflection basicly.

heres an update ive optamised it a bit and added a basic interior, the windows will be quite dark so i dosnt have to be very detailed, the tri counts now just under 6k.


latest images below


Heres the jeep textured but without mud as yet. its a bit rough in places, as im sure you will notice but the mud should cover up a fait bit so i dont want to waste time on things until im done. i need the match the back tyre too.

any thoughts?


use alpha channels for the reflection map…


Nice model :slight_smile:

I dont like the color much, but damm good job!!!

Puts some dents and mudd all over it now :stuck_out_tongue:


IMHO you waste to much polys, eg. you made a hole for the fog light and the lower air vent, but the grill is just a texture. so think about the details, WHY waste polys for small parts you may only see in close ups.

another example the 5th wheel on the back, you can save some polys on the underside of the wheel, (reduce some) simply coz you won’t see the underside that often, maybe only if the car crash :slight_smile:

I know it takes time to see where you can save polys, but think good about where to put details and where not, and why not.

Another point is to spend more polys in the key features of that car (whats in focus?)
Zoom out a litle, you will see many of your polygones are unseen from distance.

I only whould use a polygone for the third brake light, if I have to use Vertex Coloring (for a light effect).

I’m noit sure if you understand what I try to say. It would be better to make a overpaint for you, but I do not have time for that :\



ok thanks for your input dam, i could shave off 1-200 polys here and there but my tri limits still 6,000 and there isnt any more detail i want add, the fron grill bit was gonna be too complicated and hi in polys so i thought it would work with a texture.

anyway, heres the final update, mud and all. let me know what you think and if i should change anything.


latest pics below


to mud map looks like a solid mud layer that has had its opacity lowered…try to make the mud more defined and stuff on the skin


The mud should do something different (i.e., be darker, different pattern) inside the grill area, because at this point, it looks like the whole truck was wrapped in plastic wrap, and then sprayed with mud. Nice model, overall, but I agree with other comments about wasted polys in the lights. Those tail lights could be taken care of with textures.


The distribution of the dirt seams rather wrong too…car always seams to have more dirt behind the wheels than in front of them, like this:


thanks guys, i think you could be right about the grill, i may have to change it, i’ll have to save polys from other places though.

as for the mud, heres what i was using for ref, i may not of got it completley correct but there is alot of mud at the front:



cool texture especially the dirty style!!!


its looking great, definetly one of your best pieces, that i’ve seen. I think that the dirt is still filling more painted (airbrushed) on, maybe having it getting more chunky towards the bottom, or having more streaks heading to the window on the hood. the windshield looks nice, maybe rework your speck map so the part thats dirty doesn’t get the same highlight that the clean part does. then again maybe just darkening up the dirt would help the contrast between the color of the jeep and the dirt. just some thoughts to kick around.


After looking at the reference pic you used, I would also create bump maps for the grille, to give the impression that it is seperated from the suface of the car body. The mud looks really cool. I would also create a bump (to give it a presence that it is there), spec (to show random wetness), and diffuse map for it. The reflections look amazing, but they could benefit a little from Anisotropic Reflectivity, because car bodies are machined when they are created. The jeep etching on the hood could use a raised bump map…

IMO, I would leave the brake lights on there, they follow the real thing nearly. I could fake the presence of the front signal (orange lights) with a bump map and then color over it in the color map. (That method is taken from the way Bungie did the Master Chief Model for Halo 2) Long story short, use Hand Painted bump mapping on the whole car. Now the tires, same deal. Include things like bump maps for the tire grooves and the names of the tires. The wipers on the windshield…they would look a lot better modeled. You could cut down on polys at the top of the roof and whate ever is under the car and model low poly windshield wipers…

If this is too much, I apologize. BTW, awesome model.


thanks for your help everyone, heres the fianl (hopefully) update. ive got rid of the front botttom lights and shaved a few polys here and there so the final count now including the new grill is only 5,991!



Perfect! Now it looks convincing. Oh, one thing. To keep it authentic, how about using a bump map for the word “Jeep” on the front part of the hood…
Just a thought…