Vehicle: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII (8)


hey… my 2nd WIP post here:D (first one was a low poly 350z LM)
anyway, it’s my first attempt in making a high poly model! No meshsmooth on the car because I’m still learning to control it properly. But the rims are meshsmoothed because at that time, I got a little bit more familar with the meshsmoothing.
Got some problems in renders. Shadows goes insane when I turn on the supersampling of the material. When I turn it off, it’s all good. Scene is only lit with omni lights.


clay render (old render with old rims + old rubber)

C&C (and hints) welcomed~


What kinda renderer and software?


oh right, forgot to mention:rolleyes:

3D Max 6 and Default Scanline


Are you familiar with mental ray at all?


sry, but I am not familiar with mental ray… Do you know any good source that has good mental ray tutorials? or does Max itself have good tutorials? thx


long time no update…:scream:
there’s this ugly bump on the back bumper… need some tips to fix it. and need some tips too on texturing. Below, you can see my meshsmoothed chair, which one do I texture?? The mesh when meshsmooth isn’t turned on or the one with meshsmooth turned on. Help much appreciated!!:slight_smile:

left: old seat right: new seat

Front view

Back view

The wire


this is looking interestig, keep it up…

love to see more soon


thx tomaa

i’ve made a new backbumper Left: old version Right: new version
and I’m attempting to create a composite image. But I can’t get the reflections right, they are coming out as ‘screen’ but if I change the bitmap to sphere the background itself will be a sphere too. Any tips?
C&C welcomed too:)

new bumper

WIP image


no comments on the new bumpers? :sad:
well, here’s some new composite renders… done by trial and error :cool:
plz C&C!?~


Howcome I don’t get any comments? :sad: Are my updates bad?
Anyway, my composite render is progressing well. Please give me any suggestions to improve it!! thx!:slight_smile:


wow nice rendering… they looks like gt4 hehe


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