Vehicle: Mercedes SL500




model looks great


i see you moved your modeling thread or what… man,this is a master piece of work and if i didn’t saw your modeling progress, i don’t believe you it’s poly modeling;) … great feeling for details and so,really nice… and renderign… it’s just a test… and of course, use FG in this one too… i don’t see any reason to rendering this great piece without GI and HDRi and so… keep up a good work m8…


Here is a new render. SOme changes have been done for the rear part (as well as some adjustments here and there). ALso, i added some grain in PS, because that’s the effect i wanted to get for the paint (silver metallic). I’m working on the model and on the rendering of it at the same time. I didn’t have enough time earlier( school, you know?), but now it’s over and i can get back to the joint (car) again.
Working on the interior now… But still tweaking the exterior.


very detailed and accurate model! big respect


terrific !
it is currently the best vehicle wip here in my eyes.
thumbs up for finishin`it up.


Amazing work man!! very awesome! looking forward to more renders! :smiley:


I appreciate your comments, ppl.

Here is another image (using HDRI).

I’m tweaking it every second, so this is just a test. Please, give me some suggestions on how to make realistic car paint.
I’m using GI.


Awesome…can’t wait to see it on the Frontpage :wink:

Greetings, neu


Neu, there is a lot of work that has to be done b4 this car can be shown off.
I’m currently working on the interior stuff (the surrounding details).

Here is a little something that i think looks cool (i discovered this new wireframe view today ).

I’m adding little parts to the engine from time to time, for i can’t just sit still and model the whole thing at once.


Are you shiting me ? your doing the engine allso ? thats TIGHT i cant wait for more renders


The only things I would
change are the rims and the gaps between
some of the piecies, the rims kinda dumb down
the class of the car, more luxury type rims
would look alot better. But i’m only a girl
what do I know,lol


Hmm, this is by far the wierdest reply ive ever got. WHy say “real nice” and then say that the rims suck, while the rims are the most beautiful part of that car. What’s wrong with the gaps? Before u post, look at how the real car looks like.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HERE IT IS:

Also, here are the Rims…

Now, if u dont like these rims, u don’t have a taste (i’m talking about those on that ref. image above). Those rims only add more style to the car. A lot of ppl would agree with me, or am i wrong?


damn bro… thats tight… good work… what program you doing it in?



I’m really interested to the workflow, as I’m trying XSI now, I’m thinking on left Maya soon. Shall we have some tutorials? I don’t mean a full one as the Porsche, but something…for example a Mud guard. How do you start it? Do you use curves first the maintain continuity, or simple sculpting is what you are doing?

Greetings, neu
ps: how can I make in XSI something similar as Maya’s (BPT) Solid chamfer? I f I bevel an edge in XSI it counts the new edge’s distance in the ratio of the connected faces. How can I make this distance absolute, and not relative? (if you don’t understand the question, I can do a pic)

Bye again :wink:


[i] A lot of ppl would agree with me, or am i wrong? [/B]

I agree!! keep it up! :slight_smile:


Actually I am not a huge fan of the rims either. No complaints on the modeling of them…just personal taste.

Did you create half of the model and then mirror it? The seam down the center looks ok on the hood but shouldn’t be there on the windshield.

Great job though.


Simply Great.


hey shaddix, i hope you’ll remake the windshield wipers, especially i know it,but it’s observation only, just in case;)

tdotmusiq: rims are perfect,what’s wrong with your taste?:wink:


KINGOFPAIN: i’m using XSI 3.5, poly modeling.

neu: Heh, no tutorials, bro. I don’t think i can teach ppl how to be good at poly modeling, for it’s something they need to learn on their own. It all comes with practice. What i can do is post a lot of wires (closeup shots of whatever is necessary).
To make that mudguard, i just extracted the edge faces of the hood and extruded those. But now i think it’s better to use curves to create stuff first (more precise). Either way is very basic. No matter how u start. What matters is how good u can add details to ur car or anything else. You may spend a day or less on creating the basic shape (the outer layer) of ur car, which won’t mean that u’re halfway done. Once u start detailing the piece, u’ll discover that the first step was too simple, meaning that the modeling is all about detailing. Ahh, wtf am i talking about? Just learn from the wires some ppl post.

Ur second question doesn’t make much sense to me. There is a thing called Bevel in XSI. It has both relative and absolute options. There are times when u gotta use the relative one though, so don’t give it less respect.

goleafsgo: Huh? U’ve got to be kidding me, man. What’s up with ur taste ? I dunno u, so i won’t make any unnecessary comments, but if u don’t like those rims, then what do u like >? Look, man, my aim is to create a pimp car, not some luxury stock sh*t. I don’t want to model a stock SL. I see this car every day. THe guy who owns it, he had a good reason for changing the rims and the body kit. He knew that the stock SL doesn’t look that tight. I, being inspired by his car in particular, am now very optimistic about this project. THe rims will be chrome and they will look badazz. ONce again, if u don’t like those rims, it’s ur own business. U don’t have to say it outloud, u know? It doesn’t mean that i’ll even think about modeling different rims. Damn, this kind of comments really irrotates me. U also should have figured out that the car is not done, thus there is a seam in the middle (this is a WIP section, right?) . Ur post leaves me no choise but to assume that u simply do not know much about car modeling, but still post such stuff. I would completely understand ur position if those rims were stock, or if someone else disliked them (after seeing them in real life of course).

Thibor: thanks, mate.

furo: yeah, i see what u mean. I’ll remake the suckers. They do not look as tight as they should be. I appreciate ur attention. Those rims are really perfect (forget that i modeled them, just look at that ref. image i’d posted earlier). Maybe there is something wrong with how i rendered them ? I’ll render them chrome in a second. It’s a good thing that some ppl still have tastes.