Vehicle: Mercede A Class


rendered this with Pure for 3dsMax. Took about 3 minutes using 4 large area lights :slight_smile:


Like the color and the model :thumbsup: .

I think the enviroment needs more light. This is just my opinion.

Why the side mirror looks like its floating in air or attached to sidewindow? :hmm:


more light indeed. especially from the front since this is the part we are looking at after all :0


it’s fantastic.
really reallistic.
but can you post a bigger version? it’s a little to small.



thanks rox, pete and stimpy I will try and re-render when I get some spare time.

>but can you post a bigger version? it’s a little to small.

is anyone able to post a bigger image for me, my webspace is zero and like I say I have very little time at the mo…


Sexy stuff dude, nice job!


Nice, but to dark - make more lights :wink:


has anyone got a photo of a car in a lighter studio so I can get a better ‘picture’ of how much lighter you think the background should go. Ive got one on white which I shall post but to me it looks too bright. Thinking of changing the colour too, but to what I dont know…anyone got any suggestions?


What program/renderer do U use? If MAX/Brazil, then a put sky light in the scene, that will do it.
I think this car would look good in blue, red, etc.


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