Vehicle : McLaren MP4 19B F1 car


Perfect work!!! but ehm Schumi rulez :twisted: :deal:
5 stars from me


Simon/Detonum, nice work guys!
“Firstly the model’s inaccuracy is very visible and thus must be fixed”

I think it’s important to keep in mind that the average viewer would take this at face value, and not notice any inaccuracies that an avid F1 fan might notice. While it may not be a perfectly accurate representation, to me it looks very believable. If this were being sold as art to race fans,accuracy would be of the highest priority, but for a portfolio type piece for the general public to view, this shines!!!


That’s awesome. Modelling is great and the texturing is great.

One thing I noticed is the tires are a little bit to shiny/reflective IMO

looks incredible :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



It’s cool, and it rules!

Awesome Job, keep up the good work


Tyres are fine, that’s how a fresh set of F1 tyres look. But as for Tbonz816 saying that accuracy is of no importance with this piece is in itself an incredibly laughable comment to make. if it didn’t have such great texturing and a camera angle that hides a multitude of errors with the mesh, this wouldn’t have made it to the front page. I apologise if I sound overly critical and I also apologise for my comments to the artists involved with the collaboration, but in my opinion it really isn’t front page material. The mesh just doesn’t do justice to the actual MP4-19B or the texturing and rendering achieved. It could pass as a generic racing car model, but the 3D model we have been told by the artists themselves is of the MP4-19B, and therefore I presumed would be a reasonably accurate representation. Unfortunately, it just isn’t. I hope they learned much from the project and can improve their meshes in future projects, they’ve certainly got the talent to achieve much more.


Max Particle again you appear to be an f1 enthusiast, for those of us that do not know the difference the point is moot.
Not every viewer is an artist. Not every viewer is an f1 enthusiast. I model production cars, and try to achieve accuracy, because a high percent of people are familiar with these cars an error would be obvious. How many people are going to notice the difference between a MP4-19B, MP4-19j-k-l- or z. I’m not arguing your point about accuracy, but the piece is visually appealing.
I stated in my original post “If this were being sold as art to race fans,accuracy would be of the highest priority, but for a portfolio type piece for the general public to view, this shines!!!”


My only Crit, and I’m not sure if this has been said.

The driver appears to be turning the wheel somewhat, yet the front tires aren’t turned accordingly.

Great render nonetheless.



Nice render :thumbsup:

One thing bothers me though… why on earth would anybody want to model and render that horrible pile-of-crap-slow-as-a-snail car…??? :slight_smile:


great work, love your work.

But as everyone else has said tyres are too reflective and the drivers head needs to lean or look at where he’s going. Ive posted a pic that may help, i dont know whether youre gonna make any adjustments, even still its a great pic, nice style.


i love F1!!!


Render :- Excellent render for sure
Texture :- VGood ur tires look bit clean
model :- Good
ur work is awsom Keep this good work going :thumbsup:


great modling,yes ! good :slight_smile:


Everyone has their right to their views in an open forum. Some of us feel he should do more, some of us feel he should focus elsewhere. A forum such as this will always have views of all sorts. It’s up to the person who started the thread to decide - which is why at the end of my post, I have also stated that ‘ultimately he should do what he deemed best’.

Furthermore I believed you are well aware of the guidelines in “Before posting, please review the following:”…shown everytime we attempt to post.



wheels look too shiney


The F1 circus has a week off and I still get so catch Kimi in action. The image has a nice feel. I’ve got a bunch of racing images rotating on my computer, I’ll toss this one in and see who notices. Now get those tires scrubbed in Kimi


Holy crap. I love Formula One, and you are my new best friend.


Very good, I could have sworn that that is a picture.


Hi Simon,

First off - I’m a big fan of your work. It’s great stuff !

Crits: To me it’s a great action shot, but the car feels stationary.
Checked for some reference pics and found this beauty (you may already be
using it!)

From the ref. pic: Three things come to mind.

  1. Heat haze coming from the engine.
  2. DOF in relation to the track surface bottom left. Too much detail.
  3. Maybe the whole image is a little too sharp ??

just my 2c… awsome render !



One more thing…

Lighting makes it feel like a sunset shot, which to me takes away from the scene.



Well Simon, u’ already know i love it :thumbsup:

only thing i could crit has already been said, the heatwave effect, or the artistic use of motion blur, the image looks spot on.