Vehicle : McLaren MP4 19B F1 car


I really like this image. It’s got this glossy look that I don’t know how you did it.

Only problem I see is the tires. I’d really like to see a wire, I can’t imagine how clean the mesh is :slight_smile:


Nice texturing, a tutorial on this would be great, but the mesh needs a lot of work to turn it into an accurate representation of the McLaren MP4-19B.


very nice as allways simon
only thing that bothers me is the tires, and no not that they look new, just that the track looks dry and those arent slicks, expecting rain are we?


Amazing work as always mate…i’d love to take a look at the scene in september/october, whenever we’re back :stuck_out_tongue: I think the tires are great as they are…new tires look like that. :thumbsup:


Nice Image. :thumbsup:


looks very nice, but did you want it looking so clean, the tires look as if they just touched the ground being so polished.


excellent work as usual Simon :slight_smile:


Pretty nice there simon…as usual…just a few things i would like to point out (texture wise)…
first off the gloves…is he working part time at the docks gutting fish ? :wink:
check out what they usually ware…thin gloves almost like am. football players do…so that they can feel the texture of the ball when they have it in posession…

then there is the matter of the texture of the grass and the painted stripes…the grass just looks odd unless it’s “turf” ?
and the stripes might need some spec or something cuz they look kinda matt…well…take care bro…come into london some time and we’ll have a beer…or some sake :wink:



Impressive!! :slight_smile:

Very realistic render :slight_smile:

weke! weke!! :applause:


you forgot the crack on kimi’s rear wing :D.

Looking real good.


thanks for the comments guys and gals
cheers for the plug jaco :wink:

cucaracha: hehe I can see why you’d think that, but the HDR is from

kanthal : they are slicks, they are forced to have those grooves in the tyres instead pf having full slicks with no tred at all :wink:

Izu mate, I can see what you mean about the gloves, they do look a bit rubbery, to be honest I didnt spend enough time on them
I understand what you say about the stripes they do look pretty flat and dull, but I dont want them to stand out at all/or to draw your eyes over to them too much

RmachucaA lol

btw I dont really like mclaren, mainly because of Ron Dennis [detonum does tho;)]



Very nice.I couldn`t do this job by Mental Ray.Realy awesome.Did you use standard materials or MR materials?



The paint looks awsome! Could u plz explain ur material and lighting setup in detail? PLZ it looks so good. Is the noise part of the diffuse slot?


WOW! Wonderfull!! :applause:
The first impression is stunning!!

But I would add a thing....
the car look motionless!:argh:
You are rendering a F1 car the fastest car of the world! (Ferrari are faster!!:p)
Immagine 900 hp coming from the engine that are transmitter to the tires, the car run at 320 km/h....
I think you should add more mothion blur, ad the effect of hot smoke coming from rear...
some dirt on tire and front wing.
Another thing, what time is it? :wise:The sun are very low in the orizont... F1 run at 2:00 p.m.


Bye bye!


Well the car is turning into a corner, and it doesn’t look like Indy turn 13 (NASCAR - 1) or Parabolica Kurve at Hockenheim, so I’m pretty sure it isn’t going flat out. Also, with todays camera technology and fast shutter speed, sports photos rarely suffer from motion blur anymore unless its done as an artistic effect to give the sense of speed. Then again, I guess its up to the artist to choose.

The track should probably have heat waves coming off of it, and the time of day doesn’t look correct. If you want a lot of good references for an F1 render, I suggest checking out “F1 Racing” magazine. In the US its expensive, (about $8) but thats because its imported from the UK, so it should be cheaper there.

IMO I think the model really needs to be fixed more than anything though. Other than the nose area it doesn’t look like an MP4-19B.


Great Pic, cool textures and shaders!

I have to agree with Troy McClure about the car being motionless!

Cool work though, keep it up!
:applause: :thumbsup:


Firstly the model’s inaccuracy is very visible and thus must be fixed… and it is imperative since the focus is the vehicle.

Secondly, no matter how technically correct this image might be… say it’s like a photo taken at fastest shutter speed and the most hi-tech camera in the world, as an artist, he/she should look at the pic again and ask him/herself if it is conveying the message it’s supposed to convey? Is this vehicle stationary? If not, how to convey that it’s moving?

Fishes don’t move their tails that much when they swim… and that is reality. But Pixar made their fishes wiggle their tails more, in order to accentuate the fact that they are swimming. They are, essentially, moving backwards from totally realism to be able to drive home their point stronger. Such thinking is something that I feel you really should look into.

Of course ultimately, you do what you deem best.


5 stars from me


great textures man! I think you shold put some dof for more reality! Exellent work!!


cool work, keep it up man! modelling is good too!