Vehicle : McLaren MP4 19B F1 car


This model is by detonum
I just added a couple of bits to the model to finish it off, you can see his wip thread here
I made the textures and the scene.
created in 3ds max, rendered with mental ray textures and post work done in photoshop


1200x771 version


Looks freaking realistic! It turned out well, nice Job! :thumbsup:


amazing work man…which tutorial did u refer…


You gotta be kidding me


unbelievable! :buttrock:
wonderful job!


u have to much reflectivity on tires…


Astonishing work Simon! Thanks for the collaboration :thumbsup:

I dont think that the tires look too reflective, brand new tyres are very clean, we usually see them weared out :slight_smile:


I usually don’t like F1 cars, but this is AWESOME render. Pretty neat, man!


Kick Arse!

Tires are too clean.


Car model is great. The tyres are wrong though. I see the tyres let down a few F1 car models.

In this case its just the grooves that are not correctly placed.
The outer rubber that makes the grooves is a little too wide not leaving enough at the inside and outside of the tyres.
Sidepod shape look a little wrong too.

In general its a great attempt. It sure looks the part. Good job.


nice stuff. front page material.


cheers people, I have a bigger version for you here [and updated the original wfrom the big one]

1200x771 version


I’m not a big fan of hard surface models, but there’s something reminding me of airbrush illustrations (the Japanese 80s kind of airbrush work) about this pic that I happen to like.


Nice work Simon, and Detonum! The modeling and shaders are very nice. Grass looks a bit wierd though, kinda like painted styrofoam :slight_smile: overall sweet pic


great job!! :thumbsup:
-tires are too reflective. maybe add some dirt on it and a little smoke coming from behind…
-glass on the helmet bothers me


Simon your work keeps getting better and better, congrats m8 :thumbsup:


not bad at all
tires are looking to plastic


hey reeeeeally nice, isn’t that the campus.hdr? :smiley:


really nice render

but the tires looks soo new:)
can you make them like used ones it can be more realistic then

but it’s wonderfull render and lightning is great:bounce: :applause: :applause: :applause:


pretty amazing, great job