Vehicle: Mazda RX7


Hey all, got inspired after seeing one of these babies on the road to try model her. Still in the very early stages, about 4 hours of modelling


I’d Love to hear you crits and comments,

Modeled usgin Lightwave 3D ver. 7


better host your images somewhere else. No one will register on a new forum just to see some pics. should help


Eeek sorry about that, that was real stupid:rolleyes: . Oh well fixed now, updates soon


Great start!
I love that car! Gotta get me one of those :slight_smile:

I´ll be back for updates. Not much to crit at this point.


Hey, thanks for the reply Ivars, hahah the day i get one is the day ill get u one :slight_smile: . Anways heres an update, sorry it took so long been tied down with homework, gotta love school :rolleyes:



More updates on there way


Looks really nice so far.
Keep up the good work, I’ll be watching this thread.


Nice choice of car… id love to have one of those someday. :slight_smile: nice lookin model you have there.


So far… so great!


tats some nice work there…there seems to be a few odd little bumps around a few of the edges but i’m sure they’ll get ironed out…keep up the good work.


Hey thanks for the replies

Heres the update started doing a little work on the interior, this is the passanger door, dirvers side door to come next


Hey man this car is great, it’s a very good idea to model it! And the start is really great, with some impressive details all around the model. Keep it up !


All I can say is keep going. It looks realllly nice.


Oh, and the pictures need some anti-aliasing.
It’s sort of hard to see the detail as it is…


Thanks all, and logger im not sure about in other programs but in Lightwave i dont think you can turn anti-aliasing on in modeler mode as all the pictures as just screens straight out of lightwaves modeller aspect.

Not sure when the next update will be, but as soon as ive done my homework ill keep ya updated



Latest update, this is the drivers side door. Stil more detial to come, but i think i might finish up the doors, finish off the exterior adding smaller details then come back to model the rest of the interior. Anway tell me what you think



Looking good. I am a fan of the RX 7, among few of the imports I actually like.

-never made it to modeling the interior of my car…it got changed into a transformer before I got motivated to do the interior.

Keep it up.



hey it’s coming out great!
do u mind making a render with no wing at the back? :stuck_out_tongue:
or a cf wing hehehe


Hey, again i appologize for such a long gap between posts, finished most of my assignments so i have some free time to get goin again. Heres the updates




Started working ont he headlights, still need to do the bulb detail etc. Tell me what you think

PS: Sorry about the bug on the right side light accidetally mirrored the car wrong easily fixed, updates soon


An excellent start, the modeling appears to be clean and precise. Wires? :thumbsup: