Vehicle: Light Space Fighter


Hey nice fighter I like it. I like space themes and your light fighter isn’t bad. Keep up the good work. Perhaps add some lights on the ship :wink:


thanks borro, i’m planning on adding nav lights, and you’ve reminded me to build a ‘headlight’ into the front landing gear.


more texturing, i need some refs for a canopy opening mechanism, so i can model the canopy and cockpit area properly.

and a close up:


The more detail you add, the better it is getting, but keep on tweaking. More modelling and texturing is needed. It’s on its way to looking very, very cool. Keep it up.


More modelling and texturing is needed

well yes, its not finished yet(jk)

thanks oculus, comments like that let me know i’m on the right track.:slight_smile:


more texturing:

i still need to make a separate bumpmap, atm the text and scratches are raised and dirt is indented.


Nice work Coolhand!!! :thumbsup:


hey…really cool stuff…im very impressed by the project website you linked to!!! ill have to check that out properly!!!

just one question: how does it turn? (i dont see any manouvering thrusters)


thanks guys:)

dene, those four flat plates on each side edge are an advanced electromagnetic / gravitational manuevering system. they rotate the ship and provide some limited translational thrust, about the same as an rcs sytem.


some big updates here:


a couple more pics:


very nice. although putting in landing gears may spoil it. i think it should rest on them wings when landed. if u do add landing gears don’t use wheels. it looks messy and well not very good.


thanks nando,
unfortunately it will have proper wheel landing gears, aircraft/space craft dont tend to land on their wings as those are built for flying, not usually for taking the full brunt of landing or scraping down a runway. i like building these things with a certain amount of reality in em:)


I must say, this has come a long way. Great work, man. Way to stay with it and keep making it better.

Any animation plans (sorry if you mentioned the possibility already, didn’t read every post)?


thanks, yeah i might make a short dogfight anim with it.

heres a bit of engine fx work, might look nice in an animation.


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