Vehicle: Light Space Fighter


hello all, i have been lurking here for a while, i’ve seen some great work and hope you can help to make mine better.

this is my latest fighter design, its for an original universe project, here

its intended to be a light fighter, small and nimble but lightly armed.

the guns and engines are still placeholders.

heres the pics.


come on guys, its not that bad, is it?


its not bad, just doesnt have a lot of details. Where’s the panneling? just detail it some, and it’ll be a lot better.


those are to come, its not in that stage of development yet.:slight_smile:

i’m just getting the main shape finalised and then i’m working on the engines. modelled panel lines will be minimal, the rest will be from textures.


you would get more realism into it, when you´re going to add the details not only with textures.
you can do scratches with them, but would be better to make…ähm…furrows(?) with modelling.
dunno wether it´s the right word for that.
when adding metal plates they border on each other,right. so there will be a little space ( furrow ) between them.
that really looks much better with modelling.
cause textures, especially when you use bump maps, never will touch the mesh itself.
apart from you´re working with a highly devided mesh and displacement maps


thanks for the comments guys.

i have found some more time to work on the mesh, so i’ve modelled in some access panels, smaller panels that make up the skin of the fighter will be textured on. the large grey area around the canopy is the part which ejects, it separates as a lifeboat, able to float in space or deploy a parachute to land on a planet, i guess it would also need some sort of propulsion too, but theres only so much space to pack everything into.


lookin much better. Needs more paneling, and of course, a texture. nice work thus far.


The overall shape of the spaceship is pretty cool. When you add all the little details and it will be A+++.


Nice modeling. I saw the first version and I thought it looked decent, but the new one is looking much better. I’d say just add more paneling and other details and texture when its finished. I’d also like to see back and bottom views of the new model if you added any details there.


yeah, much better now.
i would add some furrows at the edges of the darkgrey parts, to get a panel effect


thanks guys.

deadlast, nothing new onthe underside, i’m gonna try and get some landing gear installed eventually, i’m leaving that for a while though.

grezdog, i’m not sure what you mean, but the panels shown in grey are modelled in, they have grooves running around the panel to separate it from the rest of the hull. i just shaded the panels grey for some variation while i’m working on it.

heres a close up of the panels so you can see what i mean:


an update, the start of the texturing, some placeholder objects for the landing gear configuration and some new built-in cannons:


anyone interested?


I like the new additions to the ship. I think it is coming along nicely. I like the texturing, but since you say it is only started I suppose you could add more detail, but I am liking it already. The model is becoming better IMO, so I just look forward to more updates and see what additions you’ve made.


yep, the textures need more tweaking, as well as warning stickers and rivets, things like that.

always nice to get some more positive feedback though, thanks dead last.


a close up of the new engine nozzles, they can vector up or down and are based on a real life nozzle, they are shown here in full throttle position.


ya coolhand, that’s what i meant. but i still would add more panels. because, a ship would consist only of those panels…
there a lot of very good concept arts out there, with panels painted all over the body, maybe take a look at them


thanks grezdog, yep the panels are being kept to several large pieces, with smaller access panels and such in them.


Pretty cool vehicle you’re building. I also checked out your Flechette Landing animation. Pretty realistic the way it landed. Sorta like a computer controlled landing.

I’m interested in the same kind of stuff.

Great work! :thumbsup:


thanks, i hope to make more animations in the future, like modern aircraft the computers handle the landing sequences.