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Hello everyone, this is my first post here but it’s took me a bit of time to get my webspace login sorted. it’s been that long since I updated I’d forgotton my password.

anyway, attached are some WIP images of only the second mesh I’ve done. This was created in LW 7.5c and is of Rob Cobbs excellent Gunstar from the movie The Last Starfighter.

There is no texture in this mesh at all, everything you see is all surfaces of different colours. the reason for this was twofold, partly as a learning exercise, second, the original from the last starfighter was created in the same way. no texture applied in 1984 when it was made.

The films mesh weighed in at 180k polys and almost brought a cray supercomputer to it’s knees. mine is a little lighter than that. at present, with the death blossom missile bays open and visible, she is 167k polys. without, 141k polys.

all crits and comments welcome, after all this is only my second mesh, I know I’m still learning so there’s bound to be some things I’ve done wrong without realising it.

the only thing I lack right now is a good engine flare so I can start doing some space renders, can anyone point me to a good tutorial on this?


Well, I have to say that you nailed this one right on! Looks exactly how I remember it from the film, (one of my all time favs BTW :thumbsup: ).

Great work!



nice done…very good job …and clean also…

check out my space ship on the site:


Good work, loved the movie this one will be great too go on


ahh…great movie, great model… really does capture the shape very well.


nice work. I have to agree with everyone, you really nailed the look. actually kinda suprised that more ppl havent modeled a gunstar before.

again, great work on it.



Looks perfect. You even took their basic (for those days) shader to the next level. I have no crits at all.

Where did you find reference mats for this? Are there blueprints somewhere? The proportions look spot-on.

[EDIT] Just saw your note about an engine flare tute. I don’t know of any off the top of my head, but you could try the usual handy spots:

Also, I was thinking…for the movie’s engines look, you might be able to map a glowing shader to a simple cylinder-derived shape. I no they’re not perfect cylinders, if I remember correctly they taper a little the further from the engine they get. You could then map a white-to-black ramp as the transparency, orienting it so the white part of the ramp is closest to the engine.[/EDIT]


the reference comes entirely from screencapping the movie from DVD, also the making of bits has some orthographic side, front and top views so I took the dimensions from that.

ie she’s the size, etc as the original point plotted film model.

shading wise, I just made my mesh like the original and set smoothing in LW at about 40%. that kept things crisp like the original.

the only problem with capping from the DVD is that the print is a bit muddy in colour and certains things weren’t abundantly obvious right off the bat, some required quite a bit of observation


Heh…tell me about it. I’m using a DVD ref to build Dick Jones’ office from RoboCop. The DVD is decidedly the best source material (if you don’t have blueprints), however it has its disadvantages as well.

Like when my DVD’s screensaver comes on while the screen is frozen.

Anyways, awesome work. Looking forward to seeing this guy in a scene…it’d be great to put him into an animation, such as a starfight against “the forces of Xur and the Kodan Armada”.


hey that’s pretty cool :slight_smile: i really like your interest and knowledge of the project! excellent work on reproducing a class piece!


Very nice work! I wish I there was more work done on TLS, its a CG classic. Good Idea on capping from the DVD. It worked really well. Im going to try that for my Farscape project.

Any chance we’ll see a ‘death blossom’?


Very cool!
i love that movie :slight_smile:



I’ve modelled the death blossom bays already, I’m just in the process of building the hangar now for the first scene.


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