>>Vehicle:Humvee M1025


Here is my newest work, and the first vehicle I’ve made.


here’s the texture and a wireframe.


Very nice and clean model, good textures too. I wouldn’t mind seeing it a bit more dirty though. How about baking some bump and spec maps onto that baby?

Great job!


whered you learn how to texture like that!?
I’d also like to see a dirty version of this Good job


Good stuff. Though there has to be a way to make the textures look a bit more… real.


good job… i like it, and yes… dirty up a little.


lol everyone always says dirty it up a little bit. Don’t think ur work really needs it, Cam already pointed out the mud-splotches around the wheels. Was it Cam, don’t really remember.

Oh well, still my wallpaper none-the-less.


Thanks for the comments guys (hey Freeb!).

I’ll probablly dirty it up a little more when I have some more time.

I really tried hard for realism but, think my personal style still came through - I tend to like strong colors that are a little over saturated and cartoony but, that’s just my personal preference.


If this vehicle is supposed to see any action, then let me ask you this.

What army vehicle have you seen fighting in action that DID NOT GET Dirtied up?


well, like I said in my previous post Gandalf, I’ll work on dirtying it up when I get more time.


Hey gandalf I think the answer to that question would be the one that won the fight :slight_smile: … the loser would have gotted “dirtied” up pretty bad but the winner would only have road dust on it :wink:


>>supervlieg: I forgot to mention that this is meant to be put into Battlefield 1942, so I can’t make a bump or spec map for it. Sorry.


Wow, this is really awesome. I was wondering if I could use it in a mod im making (its for jedi academy (quake 3 engine)). Just IM me on AIM. I’m CazorFett.

Thanks, and really nice work.


>>Cazor: Sorry Cazor but, this is for a mod I’m working on actually, called Red Horizons (as well as my personal portfolio). Thanks for the compliment though and good luck w/your mod.


I heard a saying once that the soldier that passed his uniform drill never passed combat and the soldier who didn’t pass his uniform drill always passed combat but that was more related to the US war for independence where the US irregular soldiers (guerilla forces) wore duller or plain clothes while the British wore bright red. Tho Bright red had its reasons (you can’t tell if they’re injured) duller colours allowed the US irregulars to hide easier … and this has evolved slowly into the camouflage we wear today.
However dirty equipment is not necessarily a good thing. Get a bit of dirt in the wrong place and it may not work at that crucial moment or even worse … blow up in your face.

I guess I mean to say it works either way … dirty it up and you’re harder to see but less likely to be effective when it comes to combat.
Cazor, I work on the same mode team as Eric22, odd that you’d want a HMMWV for a mod for Jedi Academy


****ing A! mode 7! excellent model and texture. the only crit i have is that the windows look too plain/clean add some wipers and shading if you can.

great job :slight_smile:


Thanks Sam. Yeah the windows bother me too, I’m having a hard time w/the alpha channels in Maya but, will probably fix it when I get a little more time.


Great job, looks awsome!


Thanks TRyanD


>>supervlieg: I forgot to mention that this is meant to be put into Battlefield 1942, so I can’t make a bump or spec map for it. Sorry.

So put it into Battlefield Vietnam then :wink:

The texture is coming along nicely, i would definately add alot more dirt to it though, builds character, and makes it look like it was in war. Unless its fresh off the assembly line. I took a look at some of your other work as well, and the texturing overall is pretty nice, but one thing i think you could improve on is the uv mapping, you could get much more detail if you overlap alot more of it. Like the doors for instance, i know its another case if you have camoflauge :wink:

but keep up the good work, its coming along nicely!