Vehicle: Honda RC211V


Hi Everyone!

Please comment my work. I made it with 3D Studio Max 6, poligonal modelling, and mental ray rendering. This is a bike of the MotoGP team Gresini Racing. You could find reference images from the original bike on

I’m just an amateur, but I would like to improve my skills, especially in lighting and texturing. All comments are welcome.

Thank you for advance!


Hey. that model look’s great.

The only thing that bugs me about the image are some of the materials.

I think you need to work on the tires (to perfect…plastic looking) by adding some grooves, the seat material doesn’t really catch any light, the Telefonica (large) on the side looks like the resolution could be increased (blurry) and a few other details…

Also the specular highlights are a bit bland…

Overall, I like it…the model looks plenty detailed. :buttrock:


Hi Tylerb59! Thanks for the comments. I will work on the tyre materila, but the tyres are slicks, there are no grooves on it. I’m in trouble with the sponsor’s label, because I only found low resolution images. I need to draw it in photosop I think.


Very nice modelling, but I think you can improve the materials aspect. Keep going on it and it’s going to be really nice!:bounce:


Simply awesome! :applause:


Thanks. I tought that this is a final version, but now, I’m going to make some adjusment in the texturing, and maybe lighting.


nice bike, can i ride it ?


Of course, If you are on MotoGP level. Contact with Fausto Gresini, he is the leader of the Gresini Racing - telefonica Movistar Honda. Good luck! :slight_smile:
And what’s your opinion, how could I improve this bike?


Hey there dude the model looks good only thing I can add is add more detail to this baby and it’s gonna look great. e.g. all the pieces on this bike seems to have the same smooth feel try to add some difference in the roughness. and also maybe change the reflection map I think it lacks another color in the reflection.
maybe the scene needs to be white ,seems too blue.

good work man keep it up.:thumbsup:


Thanks man :slight_smile: I’ll work on it, and post the new version soon.


excellent modeling

i would lost the reflective floor or at the very least make the reflections blurry


Here is the newest version of the bike. I made some adjusments on the base material, and the material of the seat.


A good tribute to Daijiro Kato, :thumbsup:

some textures are not well fited , but excellent anyway :wavey:


Thanks. That was the reason, why I made it. Tribute to Daijiro Kato. I gave the hardcopy of this picture to Fausto Gresini.


i have done Formula one too, to send it , but not do it yet.

Congratulation, big honor to you :wink:


really cool…
very very detailed
great work… keep it up:thumbsup:


Aren’t major components on the wrong side of the bike? The clutch, exhaust and brake are on the other side of the machine. The chain and drive side of the transmission are on the side you have shown.


Yeah, you right. I made this bike mirrored. But it isn’t looks good for me, when I turn it back to the correct direction.


A friend of mine send my the URL of this site and forum. He also attend me on the pic. It’s absolutely awesome!!

I’m a great fan of MotoGP and Sete and Daijiro so this really makes my day :wink: Keep up to good work and I would love to see more of these bikes.

Greets from Holland,

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Hi Patrice! Thanks for the comments.
A little OFF:
I like MotoGP, and Gresini Racing too. Few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to visit them in Italy, and I gave the hardcopy of this picture to Fausto Gresini. We could talk a couple of words about the team, the races, feelings and emotions about the tragedy of Daijiro Kato. I made this picture for remembering him. We have a small group, for the details, please visit