Vehicle: Honda J-VX Prototype.


My current long term project.

The Honda J-VX Prototype was created in 1997 and became the Honda Insight.

Click here for Honda J-VX info.

Latest work is lower down in this thread.

Click here to view better quality render than the attatchment.

C&C appreciated.




More modeling progress and a materials tweak.

Hope you like,



Nice model, doesn’t seems to be bumps. I don’t know very much the Honda models… Does this car exist in the reality, o are you modelling it from your mind? By the way, can we see a wire? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, there is a link in the first post for the history of this car. It was made by Honda in 1997.

Finished the rear, interior and engine next.

Any more C&C?

Thanks, Sonix.


Oups, hehehe, I’m sorry, I didn’t see it before…:sad:


Another render. Wireframe tomorrow.

Please click here to view all renders.

Can nobody find anything wrong with this model, please someone tell me if it’s good or bad.




Wireframe renders and interior modeling progress.

Please click here for all work in progress renders.




Ho hum, I love posting in my own threads. :rolleyes:

Still, some Max material tests.

Please click here to view.

Any feedback at all?



Nice modeling. From what I see in the pictures the design is pretty accurate, I don’t see any differences that I can point out. I also like the interior details. I don’t know if the materials are final, but if they are I think some could be improved upon, such as the rims and especially the tire textures.


Thanks. I took a break from modeling for a day to have a test with some materials. Once I finish the modeling then I’ll move on to batter mats and lighting setup.



Finished interior and exterior modeling. Materials and beauty renders next.

Also started a Type R edition, still WIP though for this one.

Please click here to view all renders.




Minor mesh tweaks and different materials.


Maybe nobody can see this thread in the forum list. :banghead:

Please click here to view the latest and ICE install wip.

Materials tweaks and started modeling the ICE install.

Nitrous bottles added, texturing is slightly stretched in the vert direction, but shall sort this.

Please could you give me some feedback.




quite a crazy looking car, very stylized:thumbsup:

can’t find anything to critique on the modeling, so keep up the good work.


Thanks Racer.

New carbon fibre work, better I think than the existing one in the renders.



First composition test.



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