vehicle: honda civic


hi guys. so this is my 2nd attempt on modeling a car. theres still a lot to do. actually theres just the front at the moment. i first created a “normal” civic…then tuned it a bit :].
pls replay… c&c welcomed but pls not that hard ;>

thx bye final


post some wire ???


one thing, ive never seen chrome rotors. also, make them bigger… they look to small to be aftermarket drilled rotors… atleast an inch bigger to fill in the area between the rim and rotors. also the calipers need to be round and not rectangular and also bigger. They shouldnt be reflective, shiney… but not reflective


also, civics are 4 lug not 6


thx for tips. i tried to fix that a little bit …but sorry i don’t know what u mean with “4 lug not 6”
rotors are bigger…and non reflecting atm … but ill try to create another material.



lug… lugnuts… you have six of them. hondas only have 4. ya know the bolts that hold the wheel to the car


ah. k … i just didn’t give attention on that. … ill fix it.


first pic was GREAT… then my heart sunk when saw the kit/lights/scoop/everything

atleast you fixed the front wheel drums hahaha

6lugger rims and front drums(orange one)…weird

any updates?


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