vehicle: H2


naga,i changed my mind… i’ll texture all necessary parts and render will be really big,i have to finish this car,i spend a lot of time on it…

neu,really big thanx man,you’re master cg artist,so your compliment is great appreciation for me


i love the insane amount of detail and the super-precise modelling!

thou did a great job so far…i smell front page for the final :slight_smile:


Awesome stuff. The amount of detail is insane. Youre obviously a very patient man. Where did you get the refs for all the parts that you dont see on the outside?

Great stuff, Cant wait to see the interior happening. 5 stars!


This is pretty wild, the detail is amazing and its great to see people putting effort into their work.


Wow, very detailed. The fact that you’re modeling even things that possibly won’t be visible in the final renders shows that you are kind of a perfectionist. If I model something technical and I’ve got good blueprints, not the smallest part is safe from being modeled. :smiley:
I’m looking forward to seeing the completed model.


thank you so much people,i’m workin’ on bodywork design now,the update coming soon i hope

defi thx,actually,i’m thinking about animation of taking to pieces and tag together,but it’s just idea,so we’ll see

supervlieg, all reference pictures i found using google,but about interior,i’ll need much more shots,so i’m going to sue the hummer dev for some references… i’m little afraid of their negative reaction,but they’ll be helpful maybe,we’ll see


wow, this is like the most detailed model ive ever seen


WOW … soooo much detail … I love it can’t wait to see the finish project…

maybe after you get the modeling done you could hook up with some people off of this forum and group project the texturing and animation… just an idea if you realy do not want to texture it all

Keep it up…:thumbsup:


Great stuff Furo, if it were me I would just do the rendering myself. I mean you work soo hard(many many hours) on a perfect model, once you send it to someone else, they can do whatever they want with it(including claim its their own work), not a good idea IMO.


You and LionTR (i dont know if youve seen his s2000) should do a collaboration and make a fleet of nice impossibly high detail cars,i think everyone on cgtalk would cry just looking at them.I know im about to cry looking at yours.
How long have you been doing cg and how long did it take you to do this from start to its current state?


This H2 is so detailed! :buttrock: Congrats! One of the very best WIP thread!


I think If you show them some pics of your project they might be willing to send you some. Or go see a dealer and say youre interested in buying one and would like some folders about the interior. hehe.



Oh no :slight_smile: I’m far not that master, especially with cars. I’ve made tons of low poly cars, but the only hi-poly car is the one I’m building right now in XSI :slight_smile: You can check it in the WIP section.

I’m a detail freak, so you’re work is amazing to me!

Greetings, neu


You must be an enginear! weren’t you?:thumbsup:


thank you again people,here’s a LITTLE pause with nurbs modeling (i’m workin’ on bodywork design,as i said before)… so,take a look at seating,C&C?

Tbonz816: i know exactly,what you mean… you didn’t like my approach to a suzuki offer,you remember? . and i appreciate it,so, you’re the reason i’m going to texture my model and render it by myself… especially,i’ll try,cause modeling is my biggest weapon

Ranc0r: i saw LionTR’s car of course,he’s master modeller with polys,i told him…
i started with CG in 2k and hummer to this level of detail tooks me for an 130 hours of pure time about… (including what you didn’t see yet - seats and a piece of bodywork design…) … update coming soon

neu,thanx a lot again,i’m so curious for your car,i’ll check your WIP thread asap (with some C&C,may i?)

taka,i’m just an admirer of this beautiful car,nothing less and nothing more;)

Supervlieg: it’s not as easy as you’re talking… but,we’ll see…



sure! fell free to c&c it! This is why I’m posting :wink:

I can’t wait to see you’re stuff on the Frontpage :smiley:

Greetings, neu


Hey Furo, the work is so high caliber, you will feel more fulfilled if you do it yourself! Hey you can always post renders and ask for advice, I’m sure alot of people here would be glad to offer help on settings etc. That models is your property, you wouldn’t let just anyone drive it if you owned think of it that way!!!

Great work my friend!!!



Hi Furo,

I don’t know if you know these interieur qtvr links:

hope to see this car finished and rendered by your own.
keep the spirit


neu: frontpage?:wink: … i’m not sure,it’ll be as much good as you think… but,who knows… we’ll see

tbonz816: thanx man,and you’re definitely right… but i’m little afraid of no help about materials or whole rendering… hm… i’ll be asking, i swear, but i have to finish modeling part now…

creative: yes,all will be done by myself and thank you for that links… i’ve got a few qt interior links (actually for all H2 types),but really BIG and detailed interior shot is what i need… (i can’t see what’s written on buttons and so) … btw,i’m workin’ a little on interior (all night long tonight), so today will be update here,i hope… (morrow at latest)


All depends on the “marketing” -> Rendering :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure the model is ok for it…I would have some idea how to make a yaw dropping image with it :slight_smile:

Greetings, neu