vehicle: H2


Can I just say W-O-W, very nice work


Hey furo, fantastic work there.

I agree sometimes that untextured, unrendered models can be just as satisfying as shiny finished images. Badly modelled, badly lit and badly rendered scenes are so common these days, it’s always good to see the fundamentals done so well.

Keep up the good work!


My god…
what can i say that nobody els had already said about this modeling…

are you human???
i think it unbelievable how you can keep interested in this car to do all this detail.
i agree with some ofthem here i think you can make money with this car…
thnx for the nice updates.

second w.i.p. peugeot t16 group B


Just looking at the JPEGs my computer is sobbing…

With my modelling background starting out in MilkShape 3D, with its 20,000 poly limit (triangular polygons, mind you…) making assorted models for Half-Life modifications…it just got hard-wired into my brain that low-poly is better…

On that note, i’ve got one thing left to say: You people are ridiculous…the detail you put into a model is just plain crazy. I don’t really understand why you bother to put details that most likely won’t ever be seen into the model…but i’m glad you do.

I’m amazed.


I am inspired :).


this is what i mean for great modeling, furo you’re a master !

sorry that’ ive cheked this only today .

I’m Cryiing :°°°°°

MAsterpice !!


Just say… AMAZING!!!

Great work… I hope, that one day I can post so something like your work.



Holy crap, thats insane good.

How do you know so much about this car to be able to get these kind of detials? the only thing I can think of is that youve striped one to its nuts and bolts and layed out every part on your desk.

Great stuff!, sure better then my hummer :stuck_out_tongue:


thx a lot ppl…
sorry for really long time with no posts… but i’m really out of time and a lot of commercial projects takes my free time (it means, i don’t know,what’s free time is;)
a definitely decided for Hummer H2 SUT version (which is really hot stuff,SUT is coming for sale soon i think… )
so,please,be patients… i’m workin on it occasionally… but, all new created things i’ll be posting here… i swear…
so,it’s little test (penguin render) of my SUT version… take a look;) and,C&C highly appreciated … as always…
btw: for all new people watching this thread, modeled in rhino 2.0;)


Wow. Wow. Wow.


Shooot me! This is sooooo fabulous dude! I LUV IT A LOT!!! :wink: And yeah… this version of the vehicle looks better to me :wink:


hello again… i’m back with a little update, exterior part almost finished, just ‘a few’ things to do;) so,i’m workin’ on it,in my free time,plz,be patient…C&C highly appreciated

take a look here for more images:


No crits from me at all dude, this is f*ckin’ sweet! :thumbsup:


:eek: :bounce: :smiley: :applause: :thumbsup: :buttrock: WAAAAHOUUUUUUUU!!!


very nice man, coming together perfectly,…


:eek: :eek: :eek:


(Oh my God, he must be mad, this level of details is impossible… Or not…?)

Nice job, impressive… VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!


thank you ppl,i’m trying to do it really detailed,so it fall out well in the end i hope;)


though i’m not a big fan of these cars ur work is truly inspirational
really a pity that ur not going to texture and render it though
this model has the potential to be photoreal!



As we have the possibility to rate WIP threads in the new forum system, you’ve got my 5 stars!

Keep on updating!

Greetings, neu