vehicle: H2


awesome modelling dude…u should really consider spend some time and do a pretty render after finishing model it :slight_smile:


fantastic work man, love it how you (ab)use rhino,…


I’d love to help with the rendering of a purt image later when its done :slight_smile: I use XSI, so exporting to a .obj file i think “mighT” work to get it to me.


insane amount of detail man, i just wish i could use Rhino like that. the funny thing is, is that i was just wondering the other night if someone would ever model this thing, since the only place in the world they make them is about twenty minutes down the road from my house, and my friend’s mom works in the factory, the H1 factory tho…


thanx people,i’ll finish it,i swear;) … so:

StoneR: it’s great news, what about some reference images directly from Hummer factory?:wink: . 20 minutes down the round sounds like near the corner;)… i’ll be obliged to you:) …

BiTMaP: i know something about exporting to .obj,but it was problem to me to import these files to 3dmax (i’m talking about experiences with my Suzuki project)… but,i’m pleased about your offer… so,give me some time to finish it,and we can try to do something,yeah?

sabaman: sorry man,but your skill in rhino must be great,cause i saw your cars on your page,and wow… DWT concept is just GREAT man… so,i hold you in high esteem,cause acclaim from person with that high skill is really valuable… so,thanx;)

zepedro: we’ll see,but i’m not planning to texture it,… cause, all pieces will be modeled,so there is no need to texturing it… :wink: i hope,i will no fail in final;)…

Guybrush: i appreciate your offer,so,i know already,there will be no problem with rendering;) and i’m really curious, who of you guys perform the best composition;) ok,i’m going to continue on this to post some new images soon…


holy cow

u must be insane
i am absolutely floored
how long did it take you to finish or rather
reach this level.??

keep up the good work.


Furo, I think you should render it out yourself. Not singling out Bitmap in any way, but I would be very hesitant on sending out anything that I worked so hard on to a total stranger. Beyond that, I would make sure that the person offering has the ability to render on a level that at least equals your ability to model, otherwise the render may detract from what you have done. I’m sure it is just a friendly offer, but IMO you would be better served by learning about importing/rendering than sending your file to someone you don’t know.


Are you mad??

Love the detail!

You must have been pulling your hair out sometimes! Well worth the result. Finish this sucker!


kodinaarian: i just wrote it;). not full 5 days of modeling to this level,you can see…:wink:

Tbonz816:hm,it looks like misunderstanding,but look, i know a lot about importing and exporting,and if i’ll send my final model to anyone,it’ll be all exported files by myself… (as it was in suzuki case) , it means,that all original NURBS files will be mine and than cannot be victimized… next thing, texturing maybe,but rendering is no problem to me,but i’m too impatient to set up render properties and wait a long time for a much test renders… and i know,a lot of people loves rendering much more than modeling, so they achieves a better final result than me,i think. you’re true about hard workin on it,but isn’t it a pitty to stay at modeled level and not give a chance to people,which can make some nice compostion? of course,you’re true about ability to render of them. but,the fact is,that exists a couple of good in render skilled people, but they have nothing to show,cause they are workin on something commercial or paid,and these works cannot be showed always… ya know… ok,i’ll be thinking about it all… what to do and so… it’s all about dividing tasks among a few people with high skills in concrete concern… you looks worried about my final model and his fate and i highly appreciate it… and,it occurred to me that, what about you and your help to me with rendering?:wink: i will have to learn to be more patient and so while waiting for rendering result,i know,but… modeling is the best what 3d offers imho… so,try to see it my way plz… i really want to see my models in some great compostions,but if it’ll be not my work and i’ll not send my models to someone willing to do it instead of me,i’ll never see my models where i would like to see them… sounds as like as paradox,i know… so, what am i to do with it? (and, in view of the fact that i really really don’t like that matters about rendering:/ … so,any suggestion?


i think the best i could as for reference pictures would be from behind the 10 foot barb wired fence they have around the place, they do have a huge parking lot full of hummers tho, looks like theres prolly a couple hundred of them out there at any given time, sorry i cant help you out…


Furo Rulezz,

Hot model, very precise model, keep working. It will be honor for me to redner this car.

P.S:It was very good to meet you in Zvolen


This is great I am loving all the detail. i was wondering is there any certain type of procise you go through to model your tires cause they are awesome, would oyu maybe be abe to explain hwo you did them. thanks



spot on work m8
love the detail u got going on there too
i have a large die cast model of the H2 and was about to model it, guess i will wait abit as u have inspired me to practise more


Great detail ! This is commercial project ?
Respect and congratulations …


thanx people…
TuroAzja: no,this is project just for fun… and,that’s the reason, why it’s so precious for me… and makin’ a lot details here… cause, it’s great looking car and i really want it fully modeled;)
Katon: tires… yeah,little explaining… it’s not any special method of working,just one basic piece of tread pattern,than copied for a few times (about 30 i think), converted to polygons and bended… some good techniques exists for tread pattern,but this is my own i think;)… it’s not as simple as project curves on surface,and than extruding and cutting… this tire is fully one object,no intersection of many objects grouped together… if you’re rhino user,i can make for you some shots with explaining,how to create this… if you got some interest in it… let me know man.
_dd: do it…just model it,that’s no problem;)… i’m really curious for your piece of work… it can be something like a H2 competition here;)… would be great…keep working man
StoneR: nevermind,i’ve got a few materials… no problem… in this level of work;)… google rulez;)


hey furo,

Thaks for the reply, I would love to see what you have to offer in rhino, i am a maya user but i am sure i can take your technique and apply it. I just recnetly modeled a car and i modeled the tires and they look good but i was not sure hwo i would do more intriqit tire patterns if i needed, such as yours, so if you dont mind showing us i would love to see how you do it, and now that you say you make one section and the duplicate it and bend it and stuff that alreayd throws out some new ideas for me, so thanks. But yes i wouldlove to see it. peace


as you can see my tires arent that complex and i would love to make some better ones for the next vehicles i make.


Awsome details and very precise model!


Katon: if you’re maya user,take a look here: Maya Tire Tutorial by DeathBrain - it’s really really helpful tutorial and you can learn what you wanna know exactly, believe me… and,this is one of a few ways,how to do it. you know already my method of creating tire… so,you know two,in this time;)… and it’s highly sufficient,i think… of course,you can find your own way of tread pattern creating. and i hope,if you’ll find it, you share your technique with me… ok,i’m using maya too,but not for nurbs modeling yet,so,if you’ll need some help, just tell me, i’ll try to explain you how to do what you want to know,ok? good luck man…
graffb: thanx man .i’ll trying to do my best,heh…
Emrah: hm,i’m not sure about commecial H2, but i can try to arouse their interest… unfortunately i don’t know how… cause, what commercial use is possible? advertisement, promo or something similiar? take a pictures of real car is cheaper for these companies,imho… but,maybe i’ll realize my idea about dismantling and subsequently assembling H2 in a short animation, we’ll see… but, the first thing to do is finish up model…


Hehe, very nice modeling ;). When do you think it will be finished?


Hey BUDDY… this is a HELL OF A WORK! I don’t want to repeat my self, but I LOVE THE DETAILS and the PRECISION you put into every piece of your model!

Anyways… what is the model going to serve for? Because I see no reason in modeling such awesome details inside the chasis, 'coz they’re not going to be visible at all, in the final rendering… except it will serve for some special commercial use or something like that… where every single piece will be seen during the animation…?? otherwise, it’s a terrible wase of your time.

But as for the artists, it’s AWESOME!

Cheers man… keep the great work up!