vehicle: H2


loocas we’ll talk about it when i’ll be finished, ok? it’s too soon to make a deal,when anything is not finished yet… but nevermind,i hope i’ll print one of them to you, you’re great friend so it’s count…
tilite,we’ve got our rhinoceros specified forum,so i’m pretty happy and as you saw your thread and posts there, you’re too;)
destroyerfred, thanks… i’m really happy you’re still visiting my thread… it’ll be over soon i hope, Brian works hard to bring some flawless final piece…
ice2wrist i used a few reference images and imagination… that’s all about patience… trust me;) and my hardware is nothing great when i take a look to present technology… somewhere in this thread is my specification of HW, cause somebody asked for it before you…

ok,i hope,this thread will be soon closed and i’ll bring some nice and photoreal final stuff from Brian,but i think,there’s will be a lot of more rendering after first post in finished gallery,so… wish a good luck for us;) … i’ll be back soon…


here’s the next test render from Brian Ellebracht, it’s first of studio shots pictures… i don’t know when it’ll be the final one, but i hope the day is coming… i’m sure Brian works hard on this car and he’s trying to bring some flawless piece, so give me and him some comments,you like it? cause, personally, i’m looking forward for more studio shots, if they’ll be like this one… more shots will be here as soon as possible, it depends on Brian’s endeavour… so,here’s the pic:


it looks very nice furo, i just think theres to much light under the car


The lighting is slightly off, too much light in closed areas on the car, also, as Guybrush said, beneath the car there’s too much light as well… But nevertheless, it’s an awesome test render! I love the colors! If it was a bit more contrasty I’d totally love it!

Good job so far dudes furo and Brian! Keep it up! :buttrock:

Btw: I’m sooo looking fwd to the poster mate! Bring it on and totally stun me with the awesomeness! :thumbsup:

Keep us posted! :wink:


you are officially the king of rhino
simply the most awesome work i’ve ever seen in rhino
i’ve been working on an m242 bushmaster hummvee
but ur detail’s just killing me

p.s. i don’t know how topost my work yet else i’d send u my work as well


Great test renders! Waitin’ 4 more!


[1st part deleted]

nevermind,i’m closing this thread as it is… i made a few clay renders and it’s finished for me,cause my part is modeling,i’m out of time and skill to work on rendering, if i’ll be free i can make UVs and textures for this model, but lighting,compositing and final render is out of me… anyway,hi-res pictures are still on my page,so if you’re curious for details from modeling and export/import parts, feel free to browse my hummer section there. thanks for your time and attention… i’m working on really detailed model of Honda NAS in NURBS again,so if i’ll find some free time i’ll open new WIP thread here. c u


furo man, what a pitty :cry:

I’m really surprised by what Brian did to you, or rather did NOT… :banghead: It’s just dubass not answering mails and PM’s… If I didn’t want to work on it anymore or my schedule wouldn’t allow me to doing so, I’d just drop you a line saying “Sorry man, I can’t work on it anymore because… bla bla bla” even if it was bullshit, it’d be billion times better than ignorance… :banghead:

Heya furo dude, I’ll drop you a line on ICQ l8r 2day…



the model is bloody awsome, but somehow i feel that the rhino rendering engine is limiting you, well i think your using it. i recomend you try exporting it into something else. But I have to agree you are the god of Rhino. To model something like that in such a program is truly a heroic feat, nothing less.


Forget what i said, i read the stuff at your website. All I have to say then is do some tutorials on rendering with color. Or read some theory. 3d total has some great stuff. Other than that maybe a book on studio lighting. Or jsut go grab a studio hdri from dosch. I’m not trying to say anything negative, just some constructive criticism. I know my stuff isn’t that great, but nevertheless i think some tweaking of light could do a whole lot to your model.

And the Hummer is my favourite car tooo :smiley: Once i move to the US I’ll go buy one. Can;t get them down under :frowning:


Don’t you think that Rhino was actually engineered for doing such things in it…??

Nevertheless it’s always the users attention to detail and patience and also the skills to make something like this (that’s to show that I didn’t mean anything against furo’s skills or so!!), but you could do this even in blender if you have the skills/time/patience!

I don’t like discussions or rather nonsence where users of other apps. or even sometimes the same apps. say that “it’s a great model for [insert_app_of_your_choice]…” :argh:


:buttrock: nice job


hello furo, its really a shame what happened…to bad u cant find the time to improve your skills in rendering, i would love to make some renders with your model, but u know i prefer to work with my own models, perhaps in the future.


hey furo, how you doing mate,didnt see you on msn for so long.Its really dissapointing to hear about the rendering issues , maybe i can be of some assistance;):wavey:.In any case, this model is totally incredible in detail ,hell this would go front page on any cgsite in the world just for the mind boggling detail it has in it, and hey, you know thats a complement now that its coming from your friend jd.:wink:


man furo thas messed up,

ah well, you can send me a pm, if you have brazil you can use the scene i use, its not that good as some of the pros here but its ok,…


Hi there, believe me, I ve never seen this much amount of detail on any 3d auto. I m also an automobile lover and likes to work in 3d, but seriously dont have this muchh time for detailing and not even eye for it. please dont let this work to be wasted or junked in your garage. Try some solution( even if it takes a little spending and if u can afford) to materialise with some ambience and i m sure it will win many hearts like real H2.

big 3d - i’m not sure about placing some of my works in gallery… cause,i’m interested in modeling only,that means no texturing (but,in my level of detail it is unnecessary,cause i’m modeling everything,icluding letterings on vee:D ) and i’m afraid of no final composition… sure,it’s possible to share my final model (after finishing it of course) to someone,who wants to try render it… but,my last time offer of rendering suzuki was an abortive attempt, cause after exporting from rhino and converting the whole model to mesh it counts about 2.000.000 polygons with “some” reversed faces,and nobody was willing to play with it so long time it requires… and,hummer in final phase will count maybe a double number of polygons,i’m afraid… and,i’ll never agree with decreasing details or something like reducing polycount at no costs… so,i’m fully resigned with fact,my works will not be given in any gallery;) but, 3D modeling is great activity,so nevermind;)…


man that is wicked never seen so much detail :thumbsup:
are u an engineer could you teach me some of that skill :cry:


five for you


Can’t say anything but wow! :thumbsup:


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