vehicle: H2


Brian knows his stuff for sure… :buttrock: I just suggested a tiny comp. adjustments, which can be done by a modeler thou :smiley:


loocas,i don’t know how the scene looks like… but as i said,i’ll send these comments to Brian for sure (if he didn’t read 'em yet) and it’s all in his hands… i’m just curious for final render and i know,he can make it really flawless,thanks a lot for your hint here… i’m sure,it’ll be helpfull… btw,what do you think about new FX wars?:wink: … i’m playing with idea to crash my Hummer… maybe something like the scene from (or very similiar to) Ring2 with deers on the road,but in motion;) … nevermind,hummer is too heavy for any dynamics or simulation imho… but,who knows,what can be done;)


FX Wars hey… :wink: No, I’m not planning anything for it since I’m working on my freakin’ showreel and since it’s too much work to do, I’m not doing anything else :wink:

But I’ll be watching your progress, be it anything, closely mate! :thumbsup: KEEP IT UP furo and Brian! :buttrock:


Insane Model. Insane Detail. You have to do the FX Wars with this baby. Oh yeah. Not that I wish any harm to the Hummer.


thanks a lot for the rendering and comp comments. This is by far, not very far along in the render. There is still a long list of things that need to be done to the render. I apologize that it is taking so long to do :frowning: have so many things going on right now, its really crazy. I really think that this is going to turn out really nice when it is done. I agree with a lot of the comments mentioned above, and Hope to address the obvious ones. Thanks,

As far as an ETA? not sure yet, this may not even be the final comp, I am still playing around with some ideas. I really want this to look top notch so I am taking my time, trying not to rush it. THanks!


Keep it up man! And yes, please, take your time, since I know it will be freakin’ worth it, because furo’s H2 is worth ANYTHING regarding rendering! Even buying a new hw to render it out properly… Not mentioning the final res! I’d actually be for a 5000x3750 render… :buttrock: :thumbsup:

Heya Furo, dude, would you actually mind sharing your awesome final render (from Brian) with me? :wink: I mean, I’m gonna be moving to a new flat soon so I’ll certainly use some posters around the place… :smiley: :thumbsup: I’ll give you my Lost Soul A3 poster in exchange :slight_smile:


How do you get and know where all the details are i mean this model is sooo good. whats your system specs?


omg furo this is amazing… i think i might take u up on one of ur personalised vtm’s. now ive flipped threw the 14 pages but hvnt read anything yet. ive been trying to pm rhino users for the thino channel im trying to get set up. (can i be ur protege:thumbsup: ) haha yeh im tryign to revamp ur thread and get a forum leader to post with an answer.

so if u read this check it out and vote

but i definetly will be back ok atm its 1vs3 votes… we’re lossing :frowning: haha

great modelign man


still amazing :slight_smile: one of the best car modelisation i have ever seen


loocas we’ll talk about it when i’ll be finished, ok? it’s too soon to make a deal,when anything is not finished yet… but nevermind,i hope i’ll print one of them to you, you’re great friend so it’s count…
tilite,we’ve got our rhinoceros specified forum,so i’m pretty happy and as you saw your thread and posts there, you’re too;)
destroyerfred, thanks… i’m really happy you’re still visiting my thread… it’ll be over soon i hope, Brian works hard to bring some flawless final piece…
ice2wrist i used a few reference images and imagination… that’s all about patience… trust me;) and my hardware is nothing great when i take a look to present technology… somewhere in this thread is my specification of HW, cause somebody asked for it before you…

ok,i hope,this thread will be soon closed and i’ll bring some nice and photoreal final stuff from Brian,but i think,there’s will be a lot of more rendering after first post in finished gallery,so… wish a good luck for us;) … i’ll be back soon…


here’s the next test render from Brian Ellebracht, it’s first of studio shots pictures… i don’t know when it’ll be the final one, but i hope the day is coming… i’m sure Brian works hard on this car and he’s trying to bring some flawless piece, so give me and him some comments,you like it? cause, personally, i’m looking forward for more studio shots, if they’ll be like this one… more shots will be here as soon as possible, it depends on Brian’s endeavour… so,here’s the pic:


it looks very nice furo, i just think theres to much light under the car


The lighting is slightly off, too much light in closed areas on the car, also, as Guybrush said, beneath the car there’s too much light as well… But nevertheless, it’s an awesome test render! I love the colors! If it was a bit more contrasty I’d totally love it!

Good job so far dudes furo and Brian! Keep it up! :buttrock:

Btw: I’m sooo looking fwd to the poster mate! Bring it on and totally stun me with the awesomeness! :thumbsup:

Keep us posted! :wink:


you are officially the king of rhino
simply the most awesome work i’ve ever seen in rhino
i’ve been working on an m242 bushmaster hummvee
but ur detail’s just killing me

p.s. i don’t know how topost my work yet else i’d send u my work as well


Great test renders! Waitin’ 4 more!


[1st part deleted]

nevermind,i’m closing this thread as it is… i made a few clay renders and it’s finished for me,cause my part is modeling,i’m out of time and skill to work on rendering, if i’ll be free i can make UVs and textures for this model, but lighting,compositing and final render is out of me… anyway,hi-res pictures are still on my page,so if you’re curious for details from modeling and export/import parts, feel free to browse my hummer section there. thanks for your time and attention… i’m working on really detailed model of Honda NAS in NURBS again,so if i’ll find some free time i’ll open new WIP thread here. c u


furo man, what a pitty :cry:

I’m really surprised by what Brian did to you, or rather did NOT… :banghead: It’s just dubass not answering mails and PM’s… If I didn’t want to work on it anymore or my schedule wouldn’t allow me to doing so, I’d just drop you a line saying “Sorry man, I can’t work on it anymore because… bla bla bla” even if it was bullshit, it’d be billion times better than ignorance… :banghead:

Heya furo dude, I’ll drop you a line on ICQ l8r 2day…



the model is bloody awsome, but somehow i feel that the rhino rendering engine is limiting you, well i think your using it. i recomend you try exporting it into something else. But I have to agree you are the god of Rhino. To model something like that in such a program is truly a heroic feat, nothing less.


Forget what i said, i read the stuff at your website. All I have to say then is do some tutorials on rendering with color. Or read some theory. 3d total has some great stuff. Other than that maybe a book on studio lighting. Or jsut go grab a studio hdri from dosch. I’m not trying to say anything negative, just some constructive criticism. I know my stuff isn’t that great, but nevertheless i think some tweaking of light could do a whole lot to your model.

And the Hummer is my favourite car tooo :smiley: Once i move to the US I’ll go buy one. Can;t get them down under :frowning:


Don’t you think that Rhino was actually engineered for doing such things in it…??

Nevertheless it’s always the users attention to detail and patience and also the skills to make something like this (that’s to show that I didn’t mean anything against furo’s skills or so!!), but you could do this even in blender if you have the skills/time/patience!

I don’t like discussions or rather nonsence where users of other apps. or even sometimes the same apps. say that “it’s a great model for [insert_app_of_your_choice]…” :argh: