vehicle: H2


>>>just click on the next pages for actual WIP screens or visit (Hummer section)<<<

finished modeling part…


WOW!!! you are doing some serious details here… it´s looking realy awsome.

what are you planig to do with this model?


proffesional joooooooooob

great!!.. i am sure that ur work will be placed in the gallery…

good luck man



a great model of a great vehicle

11/10 :slight_smile:


wow for sure
but what app did u use


Looks like a Rhino wireframe? Are you crazy, you must have the real thing dis-assembeld in your garage or something, how did you get reference for some of this stuff? :wink: Great work


S-W-E-E-T ! ! !


heh, looks like someone’s going in for some crazy details, really sweet. i’ll keep my eye on this thread for sure:)
and i have one question: how do you model such detail with such precision, do you have some technical drawings of the H2 or what?


a lot of details missing yet…


so how many polys is this so far man? i can see youre keeping it low-poly :smiley: sorry but i really cant critic at this moment :wink: just want to see it finished and textured right now…

How long have you been working on this now?

great work!



really asskickin´ work man!!keep workin


thanxxx a lot all of you… i’m trying to make it really detailed,cause this car IRL attract attention of numerous groups of people,am i true?:wink: i love H2,so,when i can’t buy it, i’ll create it in 3D;) … ok,closer to your posts:

romeu - nothing,i’m making it for fun,so,when a whole car will be modelled i’ll start with something another;) or,maybe, what about animation of strip down and than construct this car?:wink: something like ford f150 webpage… but, there are photos used only… and,i can try to make something similiar,but all in 3d;)

NightCrawler3d - sorry,i forgot to write it,but Tbonz816 solved it;)… i’m using Rhinoceros (v2.0)

Tbonz816 & mihkeltt - reference pictures and technical drawings? i’ve got all,what can be found using google and what hummer engineering crew published on their page… no technical drawings,no stuff in my garage (whatta pity;) and so… a few days of scanning the whole net “only”:wink:

big 3d - i’m not sure about placing some of my works in gallery… cause,i’m interested in modeling only,that means no texturing (but,in my level of detail it is unnecessary,cause i’m modeling everything,icluding letterings on vee:D ) and i’m afraid of no final composition… sure,it’s possible to share my final model (after finishing it of course) to someone,who wants to try render it… but,my last time offer of rendering suzuki was an abortive attempt, cause after exporting from rhino and converting the whole model to mesh it counts about 2.000.000 polygons with “some” reversed faces,and nobody was willing to play with it so long time it requires… and,hummer in final phase will count maybe a double number of polygons,i’m afraid… and,i’ll never agree with decreasing details or something like reducing polycount at no costs… so,i’m fully resigned with fact,my works will not be given in any gallery;) but, 3D modeling is great activity,so nevermind;)…

$imon - yeah,you’re right,it’s all pure low-poly;))) heh… and,how long to this stage? … about not full 5 days,IMHO, with a lot of breaks for “nikotine support” and coffee making;))


insane details here ! can we see more of the chassis ?


holy crap…thats are superb details there…
now thats one model I could use for some real close-up - slow-mo animation action!

gr8 work man!.. seriouslly awesome


Rhino eh…

it’s good to see that in a world of poly’s and subD…some people still appreciate NURBS/splines for mechanical design.

seriously superb work - I’d love to see more angles :slight_smile:


Amazing detail, you must have a beast of a computer to display so much. Very nice job. Do make a movie :slight_smile:


PsychoSilence - i’m not sure,what you wanna see exactly,so i prepared a few screens on my page … it’s 16 screens, including disassembled chassis (construction, shock absorbers and engine) and bodywork… preview of this high images (about 1300x850) you can see on enclosed screen . so,take a look .:HERE:.

aazimkhan - animation with real close-up detail and in slow-mo?:wink: … why not man? … if you’ll be patient and wait until i’ll finish it,no problem;) … so,you’ve got priority of right to my H2 already;)

Stu_Hacking - thanx;)… and don’t worry, more angles coming soon;)

ok,and preview of images prepared for PsychoSilence:

(just in case;) link to higher images


truely inspirational… ive been trying to build a gsx-r1200 engine but seeing that… god…

i’ve spent a long time staring, amazing level of detail you got there, im suprised you havent gone and modelled the inside of each cylinder.

now i need a nictone break… post visual coital ciggy in a sense.


that is great, especially the level of detail your realizing here is impressive. good job so far !


Mad detail! Looks very good so far!


Incredible work, looking forward to this one, textured!!!

Excellent modeling, full of gorgeous mechanic details, nothing to crit here, sorry :wink:
Subscribing this thread!!