Vehicle : Ford Gran Torino


Hi all,
here is my actually car project, it´s inspired by the movie starsky and hutch.
I work now 2 weeks on this car, what you think about it ?

and here a other view

critic and comments are welcome :slight_smile:


perhaps give it an enviroment map or actual enviroment to reflect? Then it would look supreme


Nice model.

The glass on the headlights and window glass needs something, too frosted looking. As well the front grill looks too flat, (I don’t know the original car though) maybe if there were some shadows in the recessed areas?


first thx for your comments,

i have edit the shader for the color, a little bit more reflections, and create a sky and a other lighting.
so i have shot a new image

i hope you like this :wink:


there are only red crosses all over this thread…

no pictures :frowning:


So i have made a few updates on the car
i stretch the car for a larger loading area, made a new front bumper, new logo on the grill,
made new wheels in dimensions (VA8x18/HA10x18), made a new suspension to drop the chassis
near to the bottom, made new rearlights (inspired by the Ford GT) and new frontlights,
a new carpaint and a new light setup.

comments and critics are welcome.

more pictures and views (wire, and changes from the coupe to the pickup)


Doesn’t look right to me… I think its the front bumber.


@Monstre : have you read my description?
it´s a custom car, based on the ford torino i made before. the front bumper is a mix of a original bumper and some addons.


hi all,

i made a new paintshader for a other project, and put him on the torino,
so what you think about it?
sorry the renders a lower quality (low radiosity settings for faster render :slight_smile: )

comments and critics are welcome :slight_smile:


hi all,

no comments or critics?

hmmm i work again on the light setup, and tweaking the paint shader,

so comments and critics are welcome


nice job, i like it


Nice model but several things don’t look quite rightand my thoughts are:

  1. Front grill looks like it’s made of plastic and appears stuck onto the front.
  2. The 4 headlights look odd and the glass needs a texture on it.
  3. The bumper looks too much like a piece of really shiny plastic.
  4. The side mirrors look too small and the arms too thin.
  5. Perhaps the paint finish is a bit too much like glass.
    Nice piece of modelling though.


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