Vehicle for CD TOTAL TEXTURES V8: Buick Wildcat 1966


Hi again.

This is my last finish work, Hope you like.

Sorry for my english please…


Nice work. :applause:



wow! thats amazing! holy incredible chrome, batman.


Nice work man! Can we see a couple more shots of it?



Yeah, more renders, please!!!
Beautiful, also lovely to see this kind of cars beeing modeled! :thumbsup:


excellent work for 3d total…:slight_smile:

marco weiss (m3d)


looks wonderful!!!

now a critique.
There is something off about the reflection you used, As i look at the hood from left to right the contrast is too much. It is dirty on left side with flat paint, then really metallic on the right. I can see your dirt texture on the right side of the picture. it seems to be getting washed out from your reflection. Maybe add a little more yellow ( or try a blue color) to the reflection and rerender?

Just my unqualified opinion.


Really nice, but i think you should decrease the reflectivity!


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