Vehicle: F14 Tomcats


This came out of some test renders… hope you like them.


Great Stuff, Really cool, i like your choice in background but i think their should be some fog in front of the jets as well,
Not bad texturing, i have lots of difficulty with textures !
Hate them ! :banghead: lol

But all in all Great work !



nice model:beer:
but i think the textures is too ‘blotchy’…
keep it up man! :buttrock:


I think the texture is too exaggerated. You’ll seldomely see a F14 (F15, F18 or whatever) that “dirty”. So in this aspect (if realism is your goal) it’s a little bit too much … but everything else is cool, great. I like it !!!


Hey thanks for the idea for the clouds :slight_smile:

As for it being too dirty I looked over MANY of these babies for reference and some of them are MUCH more dirty than this and some are much cleaner so I just went for middle of the road.

Here’s one with the clouds…


wow. excellent model + textures.

i actually liked the first one better. Since the camera IS that close, would there really be clouds in the way? :shrug:


:smiley: nice jets man! Hmmmm, I agree that the textures are just a tad bit too dirty lookin, and the clouds next to the top Tomcat are a bit to dense. Overall- NICE WORK! Hope to see more.



Great models and textures! Love the F-14! Can we have a few bigger pics of the jet? Find that the pic is BIG…but the plane is…well…not that big…:stuck_out_tongue: Thnx! Great work!



VERY nice work…the Tomcats rock, buuuut methinks the nose could’ve been a bit longer…but that’s just me…shrugs
BTW, methinks the f-14s could be a slight bit more reflective…

nice work with the backround, too. :slight_smile:



Very good. I like the both. You shoud put a little yellow to the light. Because in the upper right corner of the back image the clouds are orange. This shoud aspect the total light of the f-14. The canopy should be more transperent and more reflective. The textures are nice but if you sharpen the alitte the effect will be good. You shoud consider placng some hot air waves behind the engines.

Anyway nice work. :thumbsup:


great work, that background…are those the Misty Mountains? :eek:


on second pic, i think u shoud ad some turbulence on clouds, for an dinamic realistic look. just an ideea.


the first one looks best :slight_smile:

and yes they get THAT “dirty”…but it is paint not dirt

hmm no pilots?:surprised


lookin very cool, like the first one best, cant wait to see more


Originally posted by freddie
hmm no pilots?:surprised [/B]

can’t you see these are remote controlled? :rolleyes:

great work here…

the image looks kinda cold because of the blue\grey colors, i’d try to put some sunflare or maybe just a yellow\red light somewhere. (although i’m kinda sure it just romanticises it and doesn’t add realism)


Hehe… OOPS :rolleyes: forgot the pilots… heh

I updated them… with pilots… thanks for the comments guys :slight_smile:

Oh and as for the model I didn’t model them so can’t take credit for that… they were a friends models.

As for making them bigger… right now I’m working on an animation so maybe after I get that finished I’ll make some other stills.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


too dirty… yes, there should be some variations of pristineness between pannels, but f-14’s (and most carrier based jets) are cleaned on a regular basis and only get this dirty in times of combat when the jets are flown nearly 24/7…


I like your composition and both renderinx very much. Those “dirty” moods are so artyfical, yes, I like it well…

(photorenderings have no balls :-)) )


(take a look in my thread, maybe you like my point of view too…)


loos very nice, i like the textures very much, it looks very real. congratulations:applause: :applause: :cool: