Vehicle: Dodge Viper


Hello. This is the Dodge Viper I have been working on lately. Modeling in Blender 2.33a, converted into VRML 2.0 and imported into 3Dsmax. Rendered in Brazil 1.0. I am really new to Brazil, so any c&c are welcome.




The windshield is kind of wrong…try laying it back y little and not being so straight.
love the metalic shader on the brake disks and rims…whats up with the tires? no treads?
and lose the black color…go with a little dark blue or bright red :smiley:

Hope I helped :slight_smile:


Hey. Thanks for help. Well, I don’t know how to uv map & bump map in 3dsmax, so no treads. Maybe you could suggest a tutorial? And about the color, you’re right, I will try some other tonight. And yes, the windshiled is wrong, I have to play around with the materials today.



Here are some renders without materials. C&C about modeling very welcome.




top needs to be more swept back, widshield is like implanted sorta, and there are no tire treads, it kinda hard to see the shape well with the black color, either than that it looks great


Hey Shiver, we probably wrote at the same time, as just above your post I showed renders without materials. C&C welcome about the shape welcome. And about the tires, could someone suggest me a good tutorial from 3dsmax uv mapping and bumping? I think it would be better to bump the tires then model.



Dont look at me when it comes to 3dsmax.
Im a Lightwave user.

But Im always glad to help on shape color light and angle…:smiley:


looks like your affraid of hard edges… the whole thing looks rather soft, specially the border around the windshield. :slight_smile:


No, not really, always got in trouble exactly because made sharp edges… :wink:

Anyway, it might look that way because I turned on subsurf.

And it fits the blueptints 100% by the way.



I didnt say it was inaccurate in that sense, but there are some edges that look overly soft… but yes, maybe if you do a normal render, instead of that finalgather render or whatever, I can really see.


real good work :slight_smile: looks excellent.

no tread on the tires is kind of weird. also looks like you aren’t raytracing the tires… they look kind of soft and weak like what you’d see on a scanline render. same thing goes for the convertible soft top. it doesn’t look like you raytraced it.

and i agree with Gremlin: What’s up with your mesh around hte windshield? does the real car have that soft form look?? its almost pillowy… not mean and streamlined.

those break discs might look better if you lowered the IOR and gave them a gloss finish with some dirt/grunge. i was lazy on my chevy SSR and let them be more shiny than they should be. You don’t want to make the same mistake i did :stuck_out_tongue:

in the words of tbonz: “studio environments are overdone”. i suggest you try a special environment or dramatic lighting on your next renders of this project or on your next project.

but still, very good work! keep it up!


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