vehicle: Concept car


Hi everyone :o

it’s the first time I post my work here. I started 3D 6 months ago so my works are still far from perfect… so all comments are welcome^^

for wich I used max default renderer

and there is a brazil one

thx 4 all^^


I don’t know much about cars or modeling cars, so i’ll just say that the overall concept of the car is very stylish and cool. I could see this on the roads in a decade or so :cool:


thank you for your reply ^^

I’d like to have have criticiz for improve myselft :stuck_out_tongue:


really an awesome design!! the only thing that bothers me is the surface that connects the front and backwindow… ow yeah… and in the second pic it seems like it’s a real wobbly surface…


thx for the reply ^^ I might have posted this thread in the WIP section sry :s because I still can’t get a proper shader for my color glasses with max default material. (like directions signal lights or rear lights)

well I will update my car ^^

thx for comments :slight_smile:


One thing that jumped out at me was the doors, where is the hinge for the door, if it’s under the windshield, do you have to crawl into the car?

This was just bugging me, hehe.


ha, such a cute car.
very impressing^_^…love it!:thumbsup:


you should increase the min/max samples in brazil. the quality of the render is very bad.

and yea, how do you get into that car? thats a big problem :wink:

otherwise nice work.


thanks for C&C ^^

I’ll work on it when I have time :smiley:


:applause: I like your original thought that went into your work. And also, I like your style of modelling this concept vehicle.


Thank you for your C&C, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I will continue on it soon ^^


interesting shapes


That’s a very good job hyst and soon i can do the same type of reder isn’t it ? What are your feeling about that ?:applause:


thx w@d ! I’m convinced u’ll do the same, even better !

well good luck have fun in ur learnings :stuck_out_tongue:


oohh… this is very nice! :thumbsup:


great renderning!


6 months in 3d… ummm ok sure.

anyhow, very style. fine tune the shapes and edges a bit and do a nice render then you have a really great design.
keep up the good work :slight_smile: [this does not look like 6 months work … but nice either way :wink: )


hello everybody!

thx for your C&Cs

btw I didn’t spend 6months doing this car, I meant I’ve learned3D for 6months when I did it

I amactually in stage, so can’t go on on this project. Maybe I’ll perfect it later when I have time ^^.



i like the design of the car. you’ve done a good job with that. but yes the quality of the render is pretty bad.


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