[Vehicle] - BMW Z4 by Dias


Hi guy :slight_smile:

This is my last wip, Z4. I use Rhino for modeling (and I will use Maya/MR for shaders/rendering).


very nice and clean model. can’t wait to see the rest…


are you using splines or something in Rhino?

can you show me a mini tutorial for getting those little circle indententions on the back of the car?


Rhino is Nurbs software (imho, the best nurbs software).

It’s very easy to add many details (but so easy to make initial generic shape).

As far as that circles concerned, you have to project circle shape on the surface and that trim it. :slight_smile:


Extreamly clean mesh, great start. This one will look great finished =)


Thats really great great stuff, Tell me some thing about rhino, is it really that easy …???

great going, keep us update :slight_smile:


Easy? Not really. Of course as far as nurbs surfaces conserned it is easier than Maya Nurbs because this one has a lot of problem that need to be fixed.

Anyway, nurbs are not so intuitive as poly like. You need to study a little before make something good. As I said before, for example, it’s very fast to add some small details, but not so easy to make initial surface. Another example, to make surfaces smooth you have to use Fillet, and it is not so easy, I haven’t understant very well how it works (not yet). :\


Dias, that z4 looks really nice. Very good clean shapes. Im trying to do some stuff with rhino too, but i haven´t sucseeded in doing anytihng good yet. Could you please show a wireframe from rhino? I would really like to see it.


looks great dias thanks for the help you rock :thumbsup:


i had a bitch time doing that part in the back on mine, looks good. …i sure hope you can render/lit as well as you model :slight_smile: … and give a great render to appreciate from all directions.


Very nice start! I like the how clean is it! Subscribed :thumbsup:

Greetins, neu
ps: you’re link are not working for the other threads


great job.
can you show a wierframe?


Here I am. :slight_smile:

I haven’t finish front part yet, but anyway I post it. If you see somethink wrong tell me. Tomorrow I’ll post some wires (screenshot of curves).


looks absolutely great and absolutely smooth

keep it up!


Thanks :slight_smile:

Another update, what do you think?


I love the car and I love your work, I am very interested in your progress… keep it up, and post some wires of the back of the car if you mind…



Thanks :slight_smile:

I know, I have to post some wire screens, I’ll do it as soon as possibile (it isn’t so simply 'cause there a lot of curves that need to be group).

Anyway, can you tell me something about this front add-on at the bottom? Do you like it?


Some new update (I havent’s a lot of time in this period):


Extremely good and detailed modelation!!!

Gran bel lavoro !!! :applause:


excellent work:thumbsup:
love the detail on the brake disc.