Vehicle: BMW 6 Series convertible


Hi guys, it’s been a long time since my last model, this is my first convertible and my first attempt to model the whole interior of a car.
At this moment I have no good photos to make a composite with this car, so I decide for a “advertising-style” render, hope you like it.
Here are also two wireframes of the model, it’s modeled with 37.805 polygons and 25.251 subdivision surfaces, any wheel counts 19.235 polygons (tyre and bolts) and 1363 sub. surfaces (rest of the wheel and brakes).
Hope you like it, critics are really welcome, I’d like to make some good composite with that, bye.


nice work man :thumbsup:

the only thing im’ worried about are the rims…they look like they are out of place for some reason


Give me some render from the front perespective. On first look - nice, but stop light … I don’t know, too pinky??:wink:


x Por@szek , here’s one from some test renders of the front, it’s not the best don’t shoot at me, just a simple setup for applying surfaces, you’re right about the stop, I turned the reflection map to red while shooting that render and the red reflective surfaces look too “pinky”.
If you refresh the image you can see an update, I forced the reflection to the original color of the stop lights, I made the same thing on the front lights.


Gr8 work m8. May I drive :bounce:


It looks very nice indeed.

I think the door panels are off though. I do not recall them going into the body that far. The 6 Series that I have seen have a fairly flush and smooth door panel.

You also have some alaising problems in your renders.



Really nice, but you have way too soft seams.


Hi guys, thnx for your crits. I’ve retouched some parts of the model, sharpening the seams around the doors and I have modeled a new tyre with a more defined one, there are also two new renders, hope you like them.


A shot of the interior.


Much better! Great update.



Thanks a lot BgDM, help I find in forums is really really precious.


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