Vehicle: Bmw 3 Series Coupe


Well guess I can call it finished… my first finished car!

Please LET ME KNOW what you like, what don’t and maybe some tips for better renders or my next car? Thanks!

Some extra information, the total car took me exactly one month! The full story is here: WIP (from the first splines to the latest changes!!!), it’s my seconds car, but my first finished car!

Modeled with 3DStudio MAX6 and Rendered with Vray!


Still looks strange in the light area…

But the other parts are looking good 2 me.



Those are some awsome stills dude.

I agree with Hell though, it looks a little awkward in the lighting area - Still an -amazing- job though. Good work ^^


looking good…well done. Nice paint job. Lights look a shade flat though…Otherwise top job :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll try to work on that light… the rest is good???


Yeah, the rest is amazing


the rest is great. Do us a favour and check out the 911 i posted…some feedback from u would be great. Keep it up :slight_smile:


JD been checking the progress in the WIPS section…what material did u use on your alloys? They look sweet


Grey with Heavily Glossy reflections, it took me days to find out that metal (aluminum) isn’t that shiny at all :wink:


looks really good…
But maybe you should try another color…indeed silver is a liitle difficult…but maybe a nice red or a white one.
It a bit hard to see the details…althoigh I know there are plenty :wink:

Keep it up dude…

BTW…how is your snow going?


modelling around the front headlights looks a lil strange too… did you model to strict schematics? did you put a lot of detail in the headlights?.. it also looks like it’s floating off the ground…
it looks a lil boxy and even a lil out of proportion?!
just a few pointers :slight_smile:


I’ve tried to create some grey/silver metallic look:

By the way, the proportions etc are right, according to the blueprints I’ve used, I strictly followed those!


C&C Please…


The front part with the grill should be less extruded if you know what I mean. Some people told you that while you where modeling. I see this car every day and this was the first and only thing that caught my eye. It’s a pity you didn’t get that detail right cause the rest is really perfect. Keep up the good work!:thumbsup:


looking good JD. However i think u nailed the black paint material. Does’nt look quite as sweet in silver…Saying that silver is a difficult one. Work on the material some more? Maybe work some more on that front grille as well. Other than that im liking it dude.


in the headlight area, on the side part where it is white. i believe there should be a texture there instead of just a plain white material. that part, if textured correctly, would sell the car IMO

here is a big pic of the m3 so you can see what i mean.


i think the part where the front mudgard meets the bonnet doesn’t look correct. the edge is to shrap. and then the problem with the grill …
maybe work a little more on the modelling part.


Well those lights had some textures, but because of the lighting you don’t see that, but I’ll try to improve my renders a bit!

By the way, a wire:


Great job. The wire looks nice and clean. If it’s not too much trouble, would you post the unsubdivided wire?

The first three renders you posted look great. I think black looks a lot better on it than the silver-like color.

Keep it up.


AHHHH OMG!!! Are you telling me??? are you…telling me…that that car has no side intake…AWWWW man im sry but no M3 is an M3 without that side intake with the M symbol on it. Might want to look at that side blinker too…lower it down a bit right on that crease. BTW wat year M3 are you aimin for? If you can tell me what year i can give you more detail to help you out. Hope i could help you out on that…good job though…excelent work!