Vehicle: BlackHawk



this is my first thread to this forum. just came across it and couldn’t stop reading.

finaly I found a creative community doing great work and giving helpfull comments.

Just want to show you my latest work. As you hopefully can guess by the picture its a blackhawk helicopter ( i love this heli, its like a flying multi purpose van)

I want to add it to my portfolio, category photorealistic
finished modelling (maybe add a detail here or there), not textured yet.

done in 3dsmax 6, 35.-40.000 polys.
I started with a rough splinecage/surface model to fix the outer limits. then I seperated logical patches, converted them to polys and did the details. this way all the parts fitted together after detailing and I didn’t loose the big picture.

Its my first vehicle ever and it took me about two weeks.

Whats next:

  • doing the textureing ( hoped I could get away with a good shader but unfortunally I think its still missing the little details and I think with 40.000 polys there is the point where only textures do the job)
  • render it into a still scene
  • wanted to do some DV-Cam matchmoving and add the modell (thought about one outdoor shot, and one indoor! pretending its a modell kit)

Critics and suggestions on how to improve the model and how to achieve the highest impact on my portfolio are very welcome


i really like this one :slight_smile: i bet it looks awesome with textures…
wire would be nice maybe?:P…i’ll wait that textured version… :slight_smile:


Looking good

It’s a cool helicopter, nice modeling. Can’t spot anything that needs fixing. A wire would be nice though

But when doing photorealistic stuff it depends mostly on textures and lighting, so the hardest part is still ahead of you


thx for the comments so far.

unfortunally something went awfully wrong and I have to do reinstall my PC.

will be back to you with some renderings from different angles and a wire then.

hope, this will be soon!


nice :slight_smile:
I´m working on a blackhawk myself…but in maya…the damn nose is pain in the *** to get perfect

more pics :slight_smile:


I can help you out with my picture collection. I even have some shots taken by myself during a miltitary show, great oppurtunity.

just have to get my ssh up and running again…


that’s actually a pave hawk.

the black hawk has a nub on the front of the nose.


thor: that would be nice :slight_smile: It´s hard to find good pics of the blackhawk on the net, i have alots of them but only a few good ones

kinsbane:not all blackhawks have the nub on the nose, the pavehawk has a long refuling thing sticking out in the front for air refuling


send you a PM with a link for the BH pics
didn’t like the nub. and since its only a weather radar, i take the artistic freedom to ignore it.

so, here I add some more pics from different angels and a wireframe to please Sceme

C&C still very welcome.


I think it’s pretty much good to go for texturing unless you want to do all you m icro detail in the mesh.


very nice modeling and scaling i think. but if you want to make this one turely photorealistic, i would say you may need more works on modeling little more detail of surface such as those seams between metal plates, cable connecting nozzles, etc. with my experience, detail modeling adds more weight onto a model so makes it look more realistic. your black hawk now looks more like a plastic model not heavily sized metal helicopter. i hope this critique to be helpful for you. bye


EDIT on the post above because I “missed” the wire-pic!

thanks for the comments so far!

i think you are right, its deffinitely ready to be taken to the textureing level. its just i haven’t done textureing for a big model like this before, so I think it will take while before i get it right.

on the other hand i feel like :
i still would like to add some details here an there, and yes,you are abolutely right with the gaps between the plates. although i had a shot with that bh in mind, sitting on the table like a plastic model.

its a difficult decision to make:
on one hand i am quite sure that the model is detailed enough when its mapped to make it in a real environment shot (exspecially outdoors, flying), on the other i want to have it as good as possible (reasonable?)


little update:

found the time to add some small details.
Next stage could be some handycam/CG compositing or texturing.

Any C&C are welcome, but the changes are minor, so…



Very nice modeling, good proportions i think, i cant notice major flaws in it…
the windows look like some cutouts of the body fuselage, maybe it´s the lighting/texturing, but IMO you could raise the gap between the glass and the fuselage… some rubber perhaps?

If your idea for this one, is to animate him in an environment, i think that it is ready for the texturing stage, if you want to make some cool, big, static and photorealistic stills of it… then, all the details you could put in it are welcome.

Plugged on this one!!




thanks for your comments.
Now that you mentioned the window I can see it too. I’ll have to get back to my reference pictures to check why this looks a little odd.

yesterday I filmed some environment for the compositing. right now I am working at the lighting for the first shot.

my first impression is that I could work with simple shaders instead of complex mapping. Just have to test it…


hmm how is it going with the animation? looking forward to se it :slight_smile:

thanks for the pictures they have been a big help with my MH-60K Pavehawk

// Freddie


right now I’m deep into a project here at work. unfortunately there is nearly no time left for animation or textureing.

but having someone watching my progress maybe I can do some during the weekend

btw. happy to hear that the pics helped and I am too very eager to see your work.


finally found the time to do some work with my bh model.

did some filming for backgrounds I can merge my model in.

this is the first test for animation and particles on a stillframe of the DV footage.

things to do: animation of the suspensions, additional particle system for small parts lifted from the ground by the airflow, proper shading (I still think there is no need for detailed textures in this situation), lighting setup

C&Cs are welcome

Download FieldTest_01


Ok, here is a new update on the Realfilm-Blackhawk version. I tried to get it as real as possible. Only thing missing is the transparenz mask for the windows so far.

Please give me comments on the realism of this piece (animation, post…)

Download FieldTest_02 ~ AVI:2MB:DivX


Looks good!

A few minor points:

  • Some of the movement is still a bit jerky. Try smoothing it out some more;
  • The paint on the Blackhawk is too bright. Also, despite the matt paint, there should be some clearer highlights;
  • Use object motionblur instead of image motion blur. Image motion blur isn’t good for radial rotations, as it merely stretches the pixels in one direction, which looks strange. If object mb takes too long to render, then replace the tail rotor with a alpha-mapped texture. This will possibly look even better than object mb;
  • The top of the nose of the Blackhawk seems a bit too curved;
  • Overall the Blackhawk appears to be a little bit too small. Try to tweak the perspective a bit, or simply bring it closer to the camera (without altering its touchdown point);
  • Increase the density of the dust just before touchdown, and perhaps play a bit with the wind space warps (or whatever you have used) to correspond with the angle of the rotors. This is possibly the last thing to do, but it will add a nice subtle touch of realism, which makes the Blackhawk really fit in with the backdrop.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: