Vehicle: big space cruiser thingy


my first go at a big ship, it may be lacking a few details here and there but I thought I’d stop before I ruin it, this is for my ongoing space thing… this is a primarily a passenger carrier with only a few small weapons for keeping space debris out of the way

( the engines still need some detail )


it looks quite cool, and appears to be stylistically consistent with your other space models. The texture lets it down, though - as there are not enough details to convey the size and weight of the cruiser. This could be alleviated with a few smaller ships thrown into the scene, though.



cheers :), I wasn’t sure about the textures myself to be honest, I’m trying to make a shader that will work on all ships, I guess it needs a tweak :smiley:


btw, I really do like the new lighting and highlight bloom (glad you removed some of the grain, as it was taking away your black point). I suppose you’re the only who is going to know what I’m referring to now, though :stuck_out_tongue:


Sort of a milleniumstardestroyer.

I agree-needs more tiny details which can be done with the texturing. Is that DOF I see? This always makes objects look much smaller than you intend them to be–starts to look like a miniature. I like all the greebling.

Very nice. :thumbsup:


and now a sci-fi cliche :smiley:


wow! great job man! :cool:



thats a extremely nice image man, front page material, i know ive just said that about InTheCitys robot, which i also believed should have been on th front page, but i strongly believe this should be too.

its phenomenal work, how the hell do you guys do that lighting, where it looks like its a miniature? i mean that bits of it look very real…is it just area shadows, i reckon you got renderosity going on there also, i dont know how to use renderosity / not have a powerful PC, but i do occasionally switch on area shadows.

lovely work.



want to see it in 2.35:1 :slight_smile:



is that 16:9 ?, doesn’t quite feel like 16:9 :slight_smile:


cheers :slight_smile:

the lighting is really quick, just use two distant lights with hard shadows turned on, make one a very bright white and the other a dark blue, no radiosity here ( hehe this is renderosity :slight_smile: )

the render is then tweaked to hell in photoshop, levels, colour balance, blur .etc .etc


really nice work as always. i would love to see a nice animated sequence showing off this stuff.


me too, you have to do some kind of sequence, you must!.. I demand it!


o god, thats embarasing, i work with the software everyday of my life.

i dabbled once with radiosity, dont really know what it is / does, make things look better probably…is it the same as area shadows?

yep i do a lot of post too, people should do more post

thanks for the input on the lighting, its actually another another bizarre thing here, ive never tried out hard shadows. : o)

theres that saying about trying out new food…i think thats right about relevant right about now…hehe


Hi squidinc

Great work! :applause:


all procedural textures ? :wink:


Like it muchly mike!! :smiley:


Looks really great.
have you tried a really wide angle camera to give more sense of scale, with a close up on part of the ship in the foreground - something like this
this renderosity image

  • just an idea.


Imo the sci-fi cliché image looks way better than the first. The color and background look a lot fresher (but that’s personal) and the background and other ships give you a sense of scale. Only thing I’d change is adding some fill-lights to slightly illuminate the black parts of the ship.



great work as always, the only thing I have a problem with is the bumps on the flat panels in front near the “control center”, if this ship is as massive as it appears those bumps would be huge. also it is an odd place to have bumps when the rest of the ships seems untouched.

just my 2 cents


I like it too. :thumbsup: