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This is a project for work, it is a GPS guided mini helicopter (which can also be RC). Notice the camera on the front for size reference. I’m about to start animating, but would like crits before i do so. I probably should have put it in WIP, but I just cant think of anything else to do with it. Modeled and rendered in MAX 5.1 with VRAY. I’m going for realism so any comments about the environment, autocopter, etc. would be appreciated.

(animation link posted at bottom of page)


Well Well Well, this is what i would say if i didn’t like it…
But i do, its wicked ? where did you get the idea from ??

Nice work man, maybe have some wires going from the camrea that would look wicked.


P.S Im copying your idea :slight_smile:


its not my idea, these are commerialy available. I’m glad you like it though. I’m doing some animations with it for work, and am trying to fine tune the realism. :wink:


cool please post some closeups.
tweak your renderer for better result with the ground texture.


heres a better view with detail, no textures. i’ll render some CU’s when i get a chance.
Maniac, I agree with the asphault texture, still working on that one.


You need a tail rotor (or something with the same effect) to counter the force created by the main rotor, otherwise the plane would revolve around the main rotor axis in the opposite direction of the main rotor.

I am not an engineer nor am I a native English speaker, I hope you understand what I mean.


Oops, sorry, I now notice there is a tail rotor. However, the part to which the tail rotor is attached seem so small…


freeDNA: there is a tail rotor, though it may be hard to see from this angle, it is on the other side of the autocopter (see non shaded view, its easier to see there) The autocopter’s main rotor turns Clockwise.

I appreciate the comments. Any more?

(I’m particularly interested in crits on lighting, textures, background, etc.)


heres a short clip from the finished animation, made some small changes to the asphault, and atmosphere.


Very good… Anwsone details! Ilike it!
Chopper’s fan?
So am I!
Good work!


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