Vehicle: Audi TT


Yelo, well this is almost finished, just wanted to know what you think before i do final renderings, it’s still in need of reg plate and wipers and rear mirror.


Strange that u don’t have any comment, the reason for this that there r millions of Audi’s models already

I think ur car looks quite nice, headlights needs improvement, interior is great :thumbsup:


i think its to bright, the radiance needs to be turned down or something… model is great


Beutiful model but like the person above, its color is to bright and it really takes away, i think a dark red or a copper would look awsome on the car. :bounce:


I love the car, and I like your model too…

keep it up, got nothing else to say, but yeah, it is kinda too bright


If you don`t use HDRI, use it - it will give MUCH better reflections improves quality of your materials.


Nice model.
Everybody’s already said what I think of it.


Thanks for all the comments. I was hoping that I could make it without hdri, but it really is a great way, anyway i made a couple of small changes, actually i re-did the texturing part. I still ned to tweak the materils a bit, especially the car paint.


Forgot this one 8)


I don`t tested this map with exteriors, but with interiors it gives good results:

This site had many other HDRIs - try them. If you use vray, contact me if you will have problems with HDRI - Ill try to help you.


munkY, love ur work mate. Hope to see more soon.:buttrock:


Thanks, and you will see more.
A small update, hope this car paint is better, what do you think?


It is a shame that you cant see the tread(?) on the tires in the rendered version with the car. Add maybe some Omni Lights to each tire but turn the intensity down. Just enough light to maybe see that you modeled the tread. Good model.


Yeah, i could take close ups otherwise.


Another update, the rim materials need some more work among other things. How do you like the car paint? btw, does anyone know why there’s such a big reflection diffrence between the front and the hood?


Without using a photo reference, I think your model looks very good. But as you know, your texturing needs some work.

For your paint, you should add some noise to your dffuse map. This would give it that sparkly-metallic feel… don’t overdo it though. I think you need to turn up your specular highlights quite a bit too. Right now, it looks too soft to be a metal texture.

Your headlights also need some work. Again, without using a photo reference, I think the texture in your headlights should be a lot more reflective and have the specular highlights turned up more. The foggy texture surrounding the edges of the headlights looks way too opaque too.

And like mopelie said, put some subtle lighting on your tires so you can see the tread.


It’s a shame that oyu cant see the tread, but you cant really see it irl either so.

Another update, i’ll call it finished soon i guess.


Haven’t work that much lately.
Here’s a small update anyway.


very nice cam angles the last ones… but there is something I don’t see… the rims, can you post some closer view to them, I can’t see the brakes?


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