Vehicle: ATN


Get ORFFF my Planet!!

Modeled and rendered in Bryce.
The ATN (All Terrain Negotiator) is an asteroid, small planet exploratory vehicle which operates between 0.3 to 0.6 G and has multifunctional attachment in the front, with the operator sitting in the forward cockpit.
But they seem to have landed in a planetoid where they don’t seem to be all that welcome.
The ATN is created via booleans with a smattering of multi-replication and terrain objects thrown in. All resemblence to ANTS is completely intentional. The Alien ant is an assembly of spheres and the alienling is made of metaballs. Some color correction & touch up in Photoshop.
Would appreciate suggestion, comments, feedback.

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Cast some more visible shadows on the ground and the picture will look more deep. Darker darks. Control your colors, come up with a complementary palette. The light doesnt look motivated. That is, I dont know where its coming from or why its coming from there. The model is kickass though. And I like the terrain.


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