vehicle: American Truck


Hi! Please give Your comments :slight_smile:


nice pic, you should post an higher resolution in order to show us the detail of your truck ā€¦


Seems to be nice and detailed
Yes show us more details pleaaaaase:p


Looks pretty good.

The spoiler on the sleeper looks strange. It almost looks like it is just place on top or is part of the sleeper. These spoilers are supported by brackets and have some framing behind them. Throw some renderable splines or something in there.

Also, how is the length on the rear. The fifth wheel looks a little close. Not only does the kingpen have to fit, there will be overhang from the trailer.

Little details help out in the end


really nice truck.

iā€™d adjust the rear wheel center hubs so thay dont stick out so far or are that big.

the render looks like you took a snapshot of a scaled model :slight_smile:


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