Vehicle : 65' MUSTANG fastback WIP


Hi all,
Heres the latest thing ive been working on, 65’ mustang fastback.
Still got a long way to go, Anyway let me know what u think needs more attention.

Also how do you do those clay wire renders, is there a special shader out there? Im using max and vray.


Mate thats looking awsome, some real potential there! As for criteques etc, :-

maybe put the race stipes on it, unless you don’t like that look. :slight_smile:

The red metal body seems to be missing something, but I don’t know what. Maybe add a bit more reflection to it, but don’t get me wrong, it does look sweet as it is!

When you complete this one could you please post a REALLY big render? Cheers mate, and keep up the awsome work!


desemondo - thx, yeah once the model is finished ill render a few different images with different paint schemes and stuff. Ill work on the paint too, try and get it looking better :slight_smile:

Heres some wires.






Alot better than the first lot :slight_smile:

Good Job :thumbsup:


Awesome model. Have you got an environment lighting system in there or something, to create the reflections?

As for the clay render, the way I do it (which gives the result most people seem to get) is to whack a white material onto everything, add a skylight into the scene (in Max6 this is), and in the Render Options, activate Light Tracer as the Advanced Lighting Plugin. Bear in mind on things like this with detailed mesh smoothing, be prepared to wait a little while :slight_smile:


awsome start!
what’s your hdri pictures name!?


It kicks ass!! :thumbsup:


awesome the last renders…

which software are you using?


Very great for the last rendering, like the colors you used. The model is very impressive to me, and Jeez I love this car !!!


Hi everyone, Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

RichieH - yep using Hdri for lighting and enviro.
graffb - I got the hdri from, its one of there sample hdri’s, the snowfield.
tomaa - Max 6 and Vray, Vray is awsome.

Hope to have updates soon. Eventully i hope to do a render of the car looking new and one looking rusted out, i got the idea of the rusted out look from Eric_Cartmans thread His car is looking really good.


heres a small update.


I love your work and especially this Mustang. :thumbsup:
Waiting for next upades



It’s good. I don’t see any problems. Go for the tire.:slight_smile:


Tiger, Love the paint now! Overall - Its coming along nicely. can’t wait to see the next update.


Really sweet so far. I have a '65 fastback and from what I see you are right on the money. The only thing I would change would be that the air vents in the back of the roof line are a spearate unit so you really only have a triangular shaped hole in the sheet metal back there. That body is awesome looking though. I can’t wait until this is done.



Hi all,

]Rebro[, TheFish, desemondo - Thx alot :slight_smile:

jonpdrew - Thx, i have actually modeled them seperatley its just ive put them so close to the body them are blending in, ill sort it out eventually its a really tricky area to model :slight_smile:

Im trying to do the horse logo that goes on the grill at the front of the car now, not having good results :frowning: - I really need some suggestions or links to good tutorials as to how to go about making it, i can make a spine outline but then when i extrude the top is just flat and dosnt look good enough, plz any suggestions?


Extremely nice, I’m glad you made it in red, I can’t wait to see it finished :slight_smile:


Nerissa - Thx, me too.

Hi all heres another update, plz let me know what u think. Also Im still stuck on how to do the horse logo as explained in my last post, any suggestions?



looking very nice, hav u tried displace to do the horse?!