Vehicel: EVA Mecha


Hey this is my first post in this forum

hello everyone :smiley:

I’m 17 years old and atm struggling with school and my job as a freelancer colorist.

Pencils: Mark Brooks
Colors: Seed (me) member of optic-studio

EVA mecha :

I really tried to paint some nice textures…since you can’t see that in the low res, here are some close ups:

Made in Photoshop

CnC of course appreciated.

Hope you like it!



I like your Mecha :buttrock: :cry: :thumbsup:


hey seed nice to see you around (it s me Nic)
if you remember me
Guess we had the same idea in the same moment I also joined this place but I guess I m a bit to bad for the competition
anyways really love this pic one off your best yet imo
the textures look freakin cool
If you or war would add a bg it would look perfect
Would be cool if you could take a look at my pic I posted in the same section
You ve been away for much to long so show us more



nice work. the left hand is exellent. both pencil and colors:thumbsup:


Thank you all :smiley:

Hm i don’t know if this is the right forum to post my colors tho. I feel so ugly compared to the pros with the “higher art”



It´s always nice to know that have a plenty of other fans of manga here! i have the same problem with my works of the other guys,i cant give digital colors to my works:surprised
But i can say that i draw MANGA very well butt that is not interesting now!
You made a very good peace of art here! but in the next time i want to see one of your ideas in the paper! i can sure you that is beter than a mecha that have millions of pictures equals!


hi xseedx! OMG… great colors!!:eek:
great textures!!
and i agree with arthur, we’d love to see YOUR own ideas.
I’m sure it’s something kool too! :thumbsup:
Keep up the good work and good luck!:smiley:


That pose is awesome, nice job…


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