Vector thrust street racer battle


My design is based around the notion of adrenalin hungry soldiers returning from war and creating speed machines with old surplus aircraft parts. (like US custom speed vehicles of the 1950’s ) This design has been based around a vector thrust engine.

I hope you enjoy…


man, i think this is the best vehicle i’ve seen in contest. nice rendered, simple form and nice detail. fine work really…


Very interesting Design and cool idea. Would like to see it more streamlined. Feels like a little too much of the engine is exposed. Also more sense of speed in the shot would really set it off more I think.The background is pretty busy, more motion blur might make the vehicles pop a bit more.


Looks interesting.

But purely on the physics - what is provided a vertical thrust.
Safety driver’s saddled it “Fire ball”.
At speeds above 200 km / h. he simply swept away from the saddle.


nice design and i can feel the rush on this image too! great job on the background.


Thanks for all the feedback guys.
In answer to a couple of questions…
1.Yes in the instruction manual it’s says you hold on with your teeth by biting a special bar at speeds in excess of 200kph.
2. Vertical thrust from side vents provide the main control of the vehicle direction. Ie like a harrier jump jet and the bulk of forward power is provided by the rear thrust.
I’m not sure if somone could ever make but I’d love to test it if they could!


nice work man, this is one of my CG favs. I like the instructions .


Original Idea, great Job, good luck


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