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[color=white]Here is a piece I did several moths ago. I thought that I should finish it. I’m pretty happy with the way the rat looks. I also should mentions that this piece was created solely in Adobe Illustrator. All the work is vector and no Photoshop was used. I think it gives it kind of a unique style. I was wondering about the plain background. I want to keep it kind of simple to show off the rat off but does it seem to appear unfinished? I want to keep this whole piece in vector format only but wanted opinions about the background and shadows.
Also how do you post your pictures in this section without using an attachment option?



hi there,

to include the picture direct in your post, you have to click on the icon above with
the mountain and the sun. In the pop-up window you can type in the url where the
picture is located and then it should work.

your picture looks good i think. maybe you could add some contact shadows where
the feet meet the ground (have rats feet in english?) and some gradients in the back
so it looks more like a floor and a wall or something.


Very peculiar style BlueEyeLizard.

Good work! All your shapes seem slightly disconnected from themselves, but that can be regarded as a stylistic choice. Oh i have also that bad habit of attaching files. It seems to be ok in the challenge, but i dont want to hog too much room by attaching stuff.

Guess its good to have website up… Right?


Mmmm… I see what you mean by objects disconnecting themselves, Unfortunately adobe illustrator is a bit limiting in shading options. In this case I did use it for a style. (I have files and files of things in this style.) Thanks Falcor

I don’t have a website so I guess I will just have to keep posting as attachments. I need to work on the no website thing! How can I call myself a graphic designer when I have no website?

I am a foolish artist!



You can create a free account at to host your images too. There are probably other similar sites too, but photobucket works.


Hi :slight_smile:
great work :buttrock:


This is a pretty cool image … at least you have patience to work with vectors. I could never get into creating images with Illustrator.

I think the light sources in the image aren’t really particular to an area and it does lead to some confusion about the forms. The rat’s left ear looked at first like a armor piece above the shoulder joint.

You should probably take another look at where your light source is coming from and fix any reflections/shadows that don’t seem correct. For example: the head appears to be lit from the top right, but the legs and tail have centered or top left sources. The ankle joint on the left rear leg appears to be reflecting light from the bottom left.

All of these little imperfections in light are what’s making the character seem disjointed. Not, the software choice.

One other thing that seems odd is the fact that we can see the top of the key. From this perspective viewpoint I would think we should be seeing the top inside of the key holes and maybe a sliver of the bottom surface of the key … not the top.

As for background ideas … I don’t have a clue. I usually am considering background choices for my characters after I’m done also. The plain gray background works for me if it’s just a character study. But you could always spruce it up some with some graphic element or title. An actual environment background maybe too distracting.


Good image, always in your particular style, finally create different animals always in this robotic type could finally make an complete study of style
On the other hand I find that with the use of illustrator, the result is very good
Good work


Nice to hear form you again MDN67!

Thanks for all the notes of incorrect light source Kirt. I will try to fix as many as possible. I’m not sure if I’m able to fix all of them. Illustrator is very limiting when in come to shadows. I will also fix the keys perspective.


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