Vector displacement?


is there any way to make a MR shader for max that can do this?;action=display;threadid=28834


It depends on how you want to generate your vector disp. I wrote a tutorial here discussing a few ways to do this sort of thing for max…

Mentalray does have a vector input field for its displacement in max, however, the question is how do you intend to generate the vector map to put into that slot? Mudbox currently doesn’t let you export a vector map, I’m not sure about zbrush. If you do discover a good way to export a map like that, I’d love to see it :slight_smile:

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vray has the capabilities of outputing vector displacement maps.



i have try the Shader in 3dsmax but don´t work. You must use XSI.


Currently, the only way I know how to make the vector maps are from within, XSI, …but I would like to be able to use them with max too. Also 3D coat is able to make vector displacement maps, and I think also Modo can do it, I think I also read that Xnormal can make them, but don’t quote me on that. But currently the only way I have done it is through XSI, and it would be awesome to get it working with MR in max…I know that Vrary allows the use of vector displacement, I haven’t tried that because I don’t have Vray…also Final Render has vector displacement, but it didn’t work with the maps I made in XSI, I think Final render uses a different type of vector map. Anyway, would be cool if someone could get it working for Mental ray in Max!


Does vray allows you to CREATE vector disp map, or just USE vector disp maps?

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Both, you can bake a geometry to vector diplace with a VRayVectorDisplBake material on it since vray 1.5 sp3:



it give the 3D-Displacement Shader in 3dsmax, that have a direction Slot. It is not 100% Vector Displacement but you can try it.

look here:


Cool, thanks for the info. I’ll add it to my tutorial discussion.

  • Neil


Thanks Thorsten, I will give the 3d displacement a try and see what happens! I was just curious if it was at all possible to write a shader for MR that can do real vector displacement. I know MR can handle it because the vector displacement renders beautifully in XSI using MR.


I’m Glad to help, your site is a great reference for me.


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