Vechicle: Mitsubishi Galant


Hi. Thats my current work. Enjoy


Yo, here’s a little update


Looking good, nothing to crit, waiting for updates


uhmm…that’s a nice one! looks very accurate, is this polymodeling? i also like the rims, they’re really nice, but from this view they seem to be a bit out of shape…
Nevertheless good start, I always loved the galant, keep it up, hope to see it progressing.


kayniac - yes, it’s polymodeling.

I’ve got the problem with signal light’s references, can someone help me?

thanks for all.


This is a very nice car…I really love it. I signed up for this thread, and looking forward to seeing it!

Greetings, neu


Just playing with materials, ofcourse it’s not the finall result.

  • What can U say about headlights? Especially the signal light?

Thanks for comments


Just update


how do you get those tight lines with polymodeling? Becaus when I model a car in poly’s and I smooth it later on, all the details dissapear! And it takes forever for me to model a whole car in poly’s… at this point I prefer nurbs…


It takes me a lot of time to create this, but I don’t care. If U want to do sth faster it’s U can use nurbs or splines, whatever. But faster doesn’t mean better :slight_smile:


new color options

which one do U like?




looking very good, send more updates :slight_smile:


thats amazing man!! we must see a wire!
oh btw, post the images like those last 2, because the links dont work!

Cheers, will


just update


Awesome detail! Show wires if you can :slight_smile:

And keep working its turning out great !


Hey wow! That is amazing, great job on the details. I only see one error, which is not a modelling error. On the last picture you posted of the interior, if you look at the shifter, it looks like it would be an automatic transmission, it has no boot thingy and just a strait line to go from park to drive and whatnot. But then you look down near the pedals, and there is a clutch. Maybe it is just not a good view and it is an manual transmission and I just cant see it. Anyway all in all its excellent modelling!


U R absolutly right :slight_smile: It’s an error, This is automatic transmision but I’ve never had a car with AT so I made 3 pedals :slight_smile: Thank U very much.


this serie! The new galant is not good but this !
Good detail!


Hey really nice progresss…keep on updating! :thumbsup:

Greetings, neu