Vaughan in 60 Seconds| 365+ Videos


The Vaughan in 60 Seconds series is a free collection of short-form training videos inspired by my late friend Ron Thornton. The videos
are designed to quickly share a tool, tip or technique in roughly a minute or
less to allow artists the ability to “get in and get out” so they can
spend their time creating instead of wading through hours of videos.

Last year I gave myself the goal of creating 365 videos sothat you could watch one video a day for an entire year without watching the
same video twice. I’m excited to announce that as of this week the series has reached
that goal and actually surpassed it.



all users can benefit from this, be it >
Maya / Max / Blender / LW / C4D / Modo / Houdini

Fantastic videos!

Thank you!


Very Cool William. Little tuts that get straight to the point are great.

My only issue, I don’t see you driving away at the end…hahaha.


Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback!